TMA Overflow Extension Room Block at The Westin Maui Resort & Spa

A recent pace report shows that TMA has sold 141% of our contracted room block at the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua for our 2021 TMA Annual Meeting and that figure has now held steady for two weeks. Since the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua has only limited rooms remaining over our meeting dates, and they are fully sold out on the final night of our meeting and for several nights after that, TMA has reached out to see what alternative properties might be available for those wishing to extend their stay in Hawaii. We have found that several other nearby properties are sold out or are near sold out status.

The Westin Maui Resort & Spa has agreed to provide us with a limited block of rooms for the nights of Wednesday, October 13, Thursday, October 14 and Friday, October 15. Rates may be available for 3 days pre and post subject to availability. Only 28 total room nights have been secured in our Letter of Agreement.

The rate for these limited run-of-house rooms will be $709/night.  A Daily Resort Fee of $40.00/night plus 14.16% tax per day will also be charged.  The resort fee and taxes are distinct and separate charges from the room rate of $709/night. All guests reserving under the TMA/Westin room block will be responsible for full payment of these charges and any other expenses incurred at the property.

A deposit equal to two (2) night’s is required to hold each guest’s reservations. Deposits are refundable if notice is received by the hotel at least seven (7) days prior to arrival and a cancellation number is obtained.

Reservations for all guests must be received on or before Monday, August 16, 2021, (the cut-off date). After the cut-off date the resort will release all rooms for sale to the general public and at the resorts discretion will accept reservations at the TMA rate on a space and rate available basis.

The Westin Maui Resort and Spa is roughly 6 miles from the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua.

The Monitoring Association (TMA) will not be responsible for any charges incurred by its members/non-members at The Westin Maui.

Reservations in the TMA Overflow block at The Westin Maui Resort and Spa can be booked using the following link:

New Standards Subcommittee Will Address NFPA 730 and 731

NFPA 730 – Guide for Premises Security and NFPA 731 – Standard for the Installation of Electronic Premises Security Systems are two documents of interest to TMA and its membership.


TMA has created a sub-committee within the Standards Committee to monitor and influence these documents. Rick Sheets, who has been involved with these NFPA documents since 2005 and is a current sitting member of the Technical Committees, will lead this effort as the Chairman of the TMA NFPA 730/731 Subcommittee.


If you would like to take part in assisting TMA by volunteering to be on the TMA NFPA 730/731 Subcommittee, please contact Bryan Ginn at If you have any questions about NFPA 730/731, please contact Rick Sheets at or 940-390-6989.


We will schedule a meeting once the TMA committee members are onboard to begin reviewing the current public comments and discuss TMA’s position and any comments TMA should submit on behalf of our membership.


Below is the NFPA schedule for the documents:

Next Edition: 2023

Revision Cycle: Fall 2022


First Draft

• Public Input Closing Date: January 6, 2021

• First Draft Report Posting Date: October 27, 2021


Second Draft

• Public Comment Closing Date: January 5, 2022

• Second Draft Report Posting Date: October 5, 2022


Motions Committee Report (NITMAM)

• NITMAM Closing Date: November 2, 2022

• NITMAM Posting Date: December 14, 2022

Pasco County FL ECC is the 90th To Go Live with ASAP Service

The Pasco County FL Emergency Services 9-1-1 Communications Center is the 90th ECC in the United States and the 10th ECC in the state of Florida to implement the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP). Pasco County went live on Tuesday, June 13th and Wednesday, June 14th with Vector Security, Rapid Response Monitoring, Securitas, Affiliated Monitoring, AT&T Digital Life, Tyco (Johnson Controls), Security Central, Protection One, National Monitoring Center, Vivint, Stanley Security, Guardian Protection, Alert 360 and ADS Security. Brinks Home Security and ADT will be brought online at a later date.

Jody Kenyon, Technical Support Manager added “Pasco County Emergency Services 9-1-1 is continually and consistently looking for ways to increase efficiencies and reduce call-processing times. ASAP delivers a method to help us achieve these goals by providing a service that improves efficiencies in the processing

TMA Joins in Appealing CA Background Check Legislation

On July 15th, TMA joined a diverse group of over 20 trade associations and businesses in signing on to an amicus letter to the California Supreme Court, requesting that the Court reverse a lower court decision on a background check decision.

If left standing, this decision would render most employment in the state severely delayed, and in many cases, they will no longer be possible at all. The amicus effort was led by the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) and the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA).

On May 26, 2021, the California Court of Appeals, 4th A.D (starting from Riverside County) called for the removal of significant identifiers (date of birth or driver’s license number) from criminal records.

Why is TMA involved?

You, our members, as well as others in our industry, protect people’s lives and property. Every day, businesses and families in California, as well in other states, trust that the people working in our industry are reputable and trustworthy people. Anything that would hamper our members’ abilities to conduct background checks could cause irreparable harm to our members’ customers. Drivers’ licenses are the most commonly used form of identification. Removing date of birth and driver’s license numbers as data identifying criminal defendants will handicap you and background check companies from being able to have a complete picture of an individual and be able to screen out those who should not be entrusted with people’s lives and property.

There is not likely a certain date by which the Court will decide to accept, or reject, the request. If that changes, TMA will alert you. In the event that the Court decides not to take this case, CDIA and PBSA will coordinate a strategy to seek redress by different means. That work will again require a large coalition of support.

View the full list of signatories on TMA’s website at

If you have any questions, please contact TMA Executive Director Celia T. Besore at or (703) 660-4913.

Amicus signatories included:

  • California Bankers Association
  • California Chamber of Commerce
  • California Credit Union League
  • California Financial Services Association
  • Checkr, Inc.
  • Coalition for Sensible Public Records Access
  • Electronic Security Association
  • Lyft, Inc.
  • Moco Incorporated
  • National Consumer Reporting, Association
  • National Public Records Research Association
  • Public Records Retrieval Network
  • Security Industry Association
  • Southern California Rental Housing Association
  • Sue Weaver CAUSE: Commit to Always Using Screened Employees
  • The Monitoring Association
  • Tribal Gaming
  • Protection Network
  • Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Vector Security, Inc.
  • Western Burglar Alarm and Fire Alarm Association.

TMA Adds Three New ECCs to its ASAP-to-PSAP Service

TMA welcomed its 86th, 87th, and 88th ECC to its ASAP-to-PSAP within the last two weeks.

Learn more about TMA’s ASAP-to-PSAP service.

Volusia County FL Sheriff’s Office Communication Center (FL)

The Volusia County FL Sheriff’s Office Communication Center is the 86th Emergency Communications Center (ECC) in the United States and the 9th ECC in the state of Florida to implement the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP). Volusia County went live on Monday, May 17th with Rapid Response Monitoring, Vector Security, Security Central, Securitas, Tyco (Johnson Controls), Quick Response, ADS (Nashville), Alert 360, Guardian Protection, Affiliated Monitoring, National Monitoring Center, AT&T Digital Life, Protection One, Vivint, and Brinks Home Security. Those companies were followed by Stanley Security and ADT on Tuesday, May 18th.

Iredell County Emergency Communications Center (NC)

The Iredell County Emergency Communications Center is the 87th ECC in the United States and 10th ECC in the State of North Carolina to implement the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP). Iredell County went live with Rapid Response and Vector Security on Thursday, May 20th followed by Quick Response, Securitas, Stanley Security, Guardian Protection, Affiliated Monitoring, Tyco (Johnson Controls), ADS Security, Vivint, Alert360, National Monitoring Center, AT&T Digital Life, Brinks Home Security, Protection One and ADT. CPI Security and Security Central will be online with the agency in the near future.

Director Miller stated, “This partnership with the public sector alarm monitoring providers will reduce phone calls by sharing information via computer. Additionally, this will improve accuracy eliminating the need for manual entry, allowing the emergency signals to be processed within seconds and shared to the emergency responders.”

Prince William County VA Public Safety Communications Center (VA)

The Prince William County VA Public Safety Communications Center (PSCC) is the 88th ECC in the United States and the 16th ECC in the state of Virginia to implement the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP). Prince William County went live on Tuesday, May 25th with Vector Security, Rapid Response Monitoring, Stanley Security, Security Central, Richmond Alarm, National Monitoring Center, Vivint, Wegmans Security, Protection One, AT&T Digital Life, Guardian Protection, and Brinks Home Security. Those companies were followed by Securitas, Tyco (Johnson Controls), Affiliated Monitoring, and ADT on Wednesday, May 26th.

View Prince William County press release on their website announcing the ASAP implementation.


The Monitoring Association Welcomes its 50th FirstNet® Certificant

The Monitoring Association (TMA) is pleased to announce the addition its 50th FirstNet certificate, systems integrator Convergint Technologies, LLC. (Renton, WA). FirstNet is the nationwide public-safety wireless broadband network platform, built and deployed through a first‐of‐its‐kind public‐private partnership between the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) and AT&T. The FirstNet Authority is an independent authority of the U.S. Department of Commerce. In April 2019, under an agreement with AT&T, TMA began issuing a Certificate of Verification to qualified alarm companies for the use of FirstNet services for alarm transport communications.

For companies to obtain a who meet accepted alarm industry standards that result in the transmission of public safety related alarms from systems designed primarily to protect life and/or property (e.g. robbery, burglary, unlawful intrusion, fire, emergency medical) to a Central Station Monitoring Facility that confirms and verifies the authenticity of the alarm and notifies a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for relay to a public safety agency for the purpose of initiating an emergency response.

Public‐safety related alarms are critical to alerting first responders of emergencies requiring their urgent response.

As we mentioned above, for an alarm services company to apply to use FirstNet services for alarm transport communications as an extended primary user in support of public safety, it must first verify compliance through receipt of a TMA Certificate of Verification.

The alarm services company can then seek approval for eligibility to use FirstNet services by presenting the TMA Certificate of Verification to AT&T along with their contract(s) and/or service order(s), or to another alarm services company who will be providing FirstNet services from AT&T.

The TMA Certificate of Verification must be renewed every 12 months from when the initial TMA Certificate is issued.

For more information, please contact Tara Compher at 703‐660‐4913 or

ASAP-to-PSAP receives ANSI approval

The APCO/TMA ANS 2.101.3-2021 Alarm Monitoring Company to Emergency Communications Center (ECC) Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) has received final approval from ANSI and has been published on the APCO website.

Read it here:

10-digit Dialing Guidelines – Set to take effect 10/24/21

There are 82 area codes currently permit 7-digit dialing and also use 988 as a central office code. Starting on October 24, anyone that attempts to call a local number in those area codes by using only seven digits will instead be connected to a recording that tells them to hang up and redial using the area code. This change impacts all landline phones, cell phones and VOIP calling systems.


Ten-digit dialing will soon be necessary to make sure that calls to 988 get directed to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The 988 hotline was established by the FCC in July 2020 to make it faster for people to connect to crisis counselors and get help without having to remember a longer toll-free number.


If someone has a seven-digit number that starts with 988, the phone switch will not know whether this call needs to go to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline or to the seven-digit number. By requiring 10-digit dialing, the North American Numbering Plan Administrator is able prevent any confusion to the system.


We wanted to make sure that our members with clients in those areas are aware of this upcoming change.

Additional Resource:

Area Code Overlay Approved for the Virginia 757 Area Code (PDF)

AICC Submits Petition to Postpone 3G Sunset

The AICC’s Petition for Emergency Relief regarding the 3G Sunset was submitted to the FCC on May 10th.

A special note of appreciation to those TMA member companies who contributed to the petition.

Look for future updates.


ADT Announces Executive Leadership Changes

ADT today announced several changes to its leadership.

Jim Boyce, President, Chief Business Development Officer, has announced his decision to retire effective May 31, 2021. The company is grateful for Jim’s leadership, wisdom, and dedication, and for his many contributions as CEO of Defenders and its successful integration into ADT. Boyce will continue to advise the company’s President and CEO Jim DeVries on a consultative basis.

With Boyce’s retirement, Jeff Likosar has been named Chief Financial Officer and President, Corporate Development, and will assume responsibility for corporate strategy, business development, partnerships, and communications, in addition to his current responsibilities as CFO. Supporting Likosar will be company veteran Ken Porpora, who has been promoted to Executive Vice President, Finance.

Keith Holmes will join ADT later this month as Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, reporting directly to DeVries. Holmes comes to ADT from Cox Communications, Inc., where he served most recently as Executive Vice President, Head of Cox Business. At ADT, Holmes will lead go-to-market activities and teams, including marketing, sales execution, offer development, and pricing – all key drivers of the company’s long-term revenue growth.

Don Young, who was serving as the company’s Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President, Field Operations, has been named Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he will now also oversee all aspects of service delivery to customers.

Jill Greer joined ADT in April 2021 as Senior Vice President – Finance, Investor Relations and Communications, reporting to Jeff Likosar. Greer comes to ADT after a long career with Delta Air Lines, where she served as Vice President – Investor Relations.

“I want to congratulate Jim Boyce on a well-deserved retirement and thank him for being a trusted friend and partner for many years,” said ADT’s President and CEO Jim DeVries. “With Jim’s upcoming departure and our renewed focus on growth, we’ve realigned and enhanced our team, ensuring we’re building a strong leadership group that will serve ADT well into the future.”