Get a sneak peek at TMA’s new Level 3 Video Operator Training Program at the Mid-Year Meeting

Don’t miss a special, comprehensive session that is designed to unveil TMA’s new Level 3 Video Operator Training Program. Speakers Wes Usie, Guardian Alarm Systems, and Bryan Broadhead, Radius Security, have tailored a presentation for professionals seeking to excel in the evolving landscape of video monitoring.

Through an engaging curriculum that spans from the basics of video monitoring systems to the intricate nuances of operational best practices, participants will be immersed in a learning experience that covers industry overview, camera systems, contemporary issues, and much more. This training not only addresses the technical skills required for effective video monitoring but also delves into the critical aspects of decision-making, communication, confidentiality, cybersecurity, and the impact of artificial intelligence on video monitoring centers. Whether you’re new to the field or looking to update your skills, this session will equip you with the knowledge and competencies needed to navigate the complexities of modern video surveillance with confidence and expertise.

Session Objective: Provide participants with a detailed overview of TMA’s latest online training program which offers practical knowledge of video monitoring, focusing on the development of skills essential for operational excellence, situational awareness, and the ethical handling of sensitive information. You will learn how Level 3 will leverage the nuances of video monitoring, teach best practices in camera operation, and the significance of cybersecurity and AI in the context of video surveillance.

Top Three Take-Aways:

  1.  Foundational to Advanced Knowledge of Video Monitoring: See how Level 3 will help operators gain a holistic understanding of video monitoring systems, including types of monitoring, camera systems, the monitoring process, and best practices for surveillance operations, ensuring a solid foundation for excellence in video surveillance roles.
  2.  Critical Operational Skills: See how the Level 3 course will focus on key operational competencies, such as situational awareness, observational skills, threat assessment, effective communication, and decision-making, vital for enhancing operational efficiency and reducing errors in the monitoring process.
  3.   Ethical, Legal, and Technological Considerations: Understand the importance of confidentiality, privacy considerations, cybersecurity threats, and the role of AI in enhancing video monitoring operations, equipping participants with the knowledge to navigate the legal and ethical responsibilities of a video monitoring operator.

Register to attend the 2024 TMA Mid-Year meeting at Early-bird rates end March 31st.

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