A Look Back on 2023

Many thanks to each of you! With your support and participation, TMA has advanced the following initiatives over the past year:

  • The ASAP-to-PSAP service continues its exponential growth this year, with 135 active ECCs and plans to reach 140 by year-end. ASAP now covers over 15% of the US population, that’s over 50,000,000 people nationwide!
  • The 2023 Mid-Year Meeting was delivered virtually over the course of three days in April. Session topics covered business development best practices, cybersecurity, media relations, legal affairs, tech advancements and notable leadership and industry trends.
  • This year, TMA’s OPSTech program was held in Lafayette, LA where we elevated our meeting experience by holding the event at host-company Acadian Monitoring’s ambulance training school instead of a hotel, enriching our program with on-site tours, interactive workshop, and targeted breakout discussions. The new extended engagement platform meant that only 8 of the 12 sessions could be offered virtually.
  • Since January 1, 2023, we have sold nearly 1,700 online Operator Level 1 & 2 Courses, with 1,453 students having successfully completed courses.
  • A comprehensive upgrade of TMATraining.org has streamlined the process for training managers to bulk-purchase courses, monitor student progress, and navigate the electronic catalog, further enhanced by a partnership with The CMOOR Group to provide TMA members with discounted access to a state licensing tracking tool.
  • TMA is elevating alarm response education by developing three AVS-01 operator training modules, launching a dedicated domain, and publishing an influential white paper to drive industry collaboration and encourage adoption of the AVS-01 standard.
  • The NextGen group continued with its well-received Meet Your Mentor To date, co-chairs Ryan Brady and Jessica Lambert have conducted 11 video interviews with respected industry leaders. Stay tuned for more to come!
  • TMA launched the Louis T. Fiore Electronic Communications Scholarship in late 2022 to honor Mr. Fiore’s enduring contribution to the alarm industry and the Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC). The scholarship is intended to promote careers in electronic communications. Applications for the first presentation are now being accepted.
  • The 2023 TMA/SSI Marvel Award, in partnership with Security Sales and Integration magazine (SSI) was awarded to National Monitoring Center (NMC). The 2023 TMA/SDM Excellence Awards drew a combination of entries from small-to-medium and enterprise-sized member companies. 2023 winners included: Monitoring Center of the Year – Enterprise: CPI Security; Monitoring Center of the Year – SMB: Statewide Security; Monitoring Center Manager of the Year: Fiore Ayala, Rapid Response Monitoring; Monitoring Center Operator of the Year: Samantha Marzili, COPS Monitoring; and Monitoring Center Support Person of the Year: Brian DeCarlo, Rapid Response Monitoring. The application period for the 2024 awards opens Oct. 15, 2023.
  • TMA has published the spring and summer issues of TMA Dispatch magazine and 38 issues of TMA Signals weekly e-newsletter. Engagement in TMA’s social media communities, which include LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, have continued to grow in 2023.
  • TMA’s Board for Directors has approved the new dues structure proposed by the Membership Committee and TMA staff. The new structure is based on methodology that standardizes annual dues levels and dues increases. The revised structure ensures that the same standard is applied across similar membership categories. We are confident that it has resulted in positive changes for all current and future members. View the new structure HERE.
  • TMA continues to issue certificates for the FirstNet National Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN), with 54 companies participating in the program and 48 certificates issued so far this year.
  • TMA’s Installation Quality Certification Program “IQ Certification,” the only quality control program for installations, maintenance and service of electronic security systems is growing with 14 IQ-certified companies.

TMA would like to acknowledge and thank our many volunteers; your efforts allow us to succeed in elevating the professional monitoring industry. With your continued support and engagement, we look forward to another productive year.

Allie Turman to Serve Florida as New Dealer Development Manager

DMP  welcomed Allie Turman to DMP as Dealer Development Manager for Florida. She will provide ongoing service and support to DMP’s dealers in that area.

Turman began her career in marketing with Fleenor Security Systems in Johnson City, Tennessee. She then moved to manufacturing sales, focusing on HVAC and security equipment for two years.

“What first drew me to DMP was how highly dealers spoke about the company. With each individual I asked, I only received positive testimonies regarding DMP and the individuals that worked there,” said Turman. She learned more about the company and found that the culture and values closely align with her own.

With five years in the security industry, Turman brings valuable experience to her new role. Working for an integrator that purchased and installed DMP commercial products makes her well-prepared to serve DMP dealers.


Woodman, Former Washington Alarm President, Passes

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of John Woodman, former president of Washington Alarm and TMA Board of Directors member. A pivotal figure within the alarm industry, John passed away on Wednesday, November 22nd. 

John’s journey with Washington Alarm began in 1962, building upon the foundation laid by his father in 1943. His extraordinary dedication, coupled with a unique and indomitable spirit, propelled a modest fire extinguisher company into becoming Washington Alarm, now recognized as the 55th largest in the nation. His impact was profound and lasting. 

In 2012, John transitioned leadership of his company to his daughter Shannon Woodman, fulfilling his dream of passing Washington Alarm to the third generation of the Woodman family. A dedicated volunteer leader herself, Shannon currently serves on TMA’s Executive Committee as Treasurer.  

Please keep Shannon and her extended family in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn John’s passing.

Driving Excellence: TMA Industry Standards and Their Impact on Security Organizations

By: Julie Stevens, BOLD Group

In the dynamic landscape of security operations, industry standards play a vital role in establishing best practices and ensuring the highest level of service delivery. The Monitoring Association (TMA), an ANSI Accredited Standards Developing Organization (SDO), sets the benchmark for excellence through the development and maintenance of American National Standards (ANS). In this blog, we will explore the importance of TMA industry standards, with a focus on specific standards such as TMA-ATN-01, APCO/TMA ANS 2.101.3-2021, ANSI/TMA CS-V-01-2022, and ANSI/TMA AVS-01-2023.

These standards address active threat detection, alarm monitoring company integration with emergency communications centers, alarm confirmation and verification procedures, and alarm validation scoring. While TMA initiates standards development, it also actively monitors and works with other Standards Development Organizations. TMA Standards Committee members work closely on standards and guides developed by UL, SIA, NFPA, APCO, and NENA that directly or peripherally impact monitoring centers. Embracing these standards not only elevates security organizations but also enhances public safety.

TMA-ATN-01: Monitoring Center Notification of Active Threat Detection:

In an evolving security landscape, monitoring centers face the challenge of handling non-traditional alerts, such as shot detection and weapons detection. TMA-ATN-01 establishes guidelines for immediate notification of these active threat events to public safety agencies. This standard outlines protocols for monitoring centers to receive and process alerts from both human sources and technology-initiated systems. By adhering to TMA-ATN-01, security organizations can ensure rapid and effective response to active shooter situations, contributing to the safety of facilities with high human presence.

APCO/TMA ANS 2.101.3-2021: Alarm Monitoring Company to Emergency Communications Center (ECC) Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP):

The seamless integration of alarm monitoring companies with emergency communications centers is crucial for efficient emergency response. APCO/TMA ANS 2.101.3-2021, also known as ASAP, establishes standardized protocols for transmitting alarm data from monitoring centers to ECCs through CAD systems. By automating the process, ASAP reduces call processing times, minimizes errors, and provides ECCs with accurate and timely information. Security organizations adopting ASAP enhance emergency response coordination, resulting in improved public safety outcomes.

ANSI/TMA CS-V-01-2022: Alarm Confirmation, Verification, and Notification Procedures Standard:

False alarms can strain law enforcement resources and compromise the effectiveness of alarm systems. ANSI/TMA CS-V-01-2022 sets guidelines for alarm confirmation, verification, and notification procedures to minimize false alarms. This standard emphasizes the importance of employing multiple verification methods, such as audio and video confirmation, before contacting law enforcement. By implementing these procedures, security organizations not only reduce false alarms but also enhance the credibility of their systems, ensuring that law enforcement resources are allocated efficiently.

ANSI/TMA AVS-01-2023: Alarm Validation Scoring (AVS) Standard:

Efficient resource allocation and prioritization are critical for effective law enforcement response. ANSI/TMA AVS-01-2023 introduces a standardized method for creating an alarm scoring or classification metric for unauthorized human activity detected by alarm systems. This scoring system assists law enforcement agencies in determining the level of response required based on the severity and credibility of the alarm. By using the AVS standard, security organizations contribute to better resource allocation, enabling law enforcement to prioritize calls for service and respond promptly to genuine threats.

The adoption and implementation of TMA industry standards, including TMA-ATN-01, APCO/TMA ANS 2.101.3-2021, ANSI/TMA CS-V-01-2022, and ANSI/TMA AVS-01-2023, have a significant impact on security organizations and public safety. These standards provide clear guidelines for active threat detection, integration with emergency communications centers, alarm confirmation and verification procedures, and alarm validation scoring. By embedding these standards into their operations, security organizations elevate their efficiency, credibility, and effectiveness. Moreover, adherence to industry standards enhances public safety outcomes, promotes collaboration, and contributes to the continuous improvement of the security industry as a whole. Embracing TMA industry standards is not only a commitment to excellence but also a testament to the dedication of security organizations in safeguarding lives and assets.

When your company joins TMA, you become part of the association that promotes and defends the interests of the monitoring industry, through its work in government relations, regulatory advocacy, and standards development. We are always looking for subject matter experts to join their peers in helping to define the future by participating on the various committees we have including the different standards committees. If you are interested in learning more about TMA standards work or volunteering to serve on a working group or committee, please visit tma.us for more information.


TMA ASAP Service Welcomes 138th ECC

On November 14th and 15th, 2023, Chatham County, Georgia became the 138th Emergency Communications Center (ECC) in the United States, and 6th ECC in the State of Georgia to implement the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP). Chatham County ASAP is now live with the following companies: Rapid Response Monitoring, Vector Security, Guardian Protection, Securitas, Tyco (Johnson Controls), Security Central, United Central Control, National Monitoring Center, Protection One, Brinks Home Security, Vivint, Affiliated Monitoring, CPI Security, ESC Central, and ADT.

Member Call-for-Action – FCC Ruling

Call for Action

The Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC), a committee of The Monitoring Association (TMA), is requesting your help in this survey to protect your company’s interest in Internet communications in a proceeding now before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC is once again considering, after several attempts, rules of the road for broadband Internet access service (BIAS) providers which are fair to industries that use the Internet, as the monitoring industry does.

These BIAS carriers are the companies with whom you contract for Internet service, and which allow the transmission of information and access to third party websites like YouTube. Importantly, quality of Internet service directly impacts the quality and speed of video transmission, which is an integral and growing aspect of alarm monitoring.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge. If you do not know an answer, simply indicate so. If this has occurred more than once, describe the one you feel impacted your company the most. Your company’s identity and specific responses will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties, including government agencies, without your permission.

Your time and attention are greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Ben Dickens (bhd@bloostonlaw.com, 202-828-5510) or Sal Taillefer (sta@bloostonlaw.com, 202-828-5562).



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UL Solutions Empowers Alarm Monitoring Centers to Help Advance Public Safety with New Certification Program

UL Solutions announced its new service, the UL Solutions Alarm Validation Scoring Certification Program, that helps security alarm monitoring centers in the United States improve communication with public safety professionals, such as law enforcement agencies and emergency response operators. The new certification program resulted from a collaboration between the security monitoring industry, public safety professionals and UL Solutions with the goal of enhancing security alarm notifications and information.

UL Solutions can now evaluate monitoring centers against requirements in The Monitoring Association’s (TMA) voluntary standard ANSI/TMA-AVS-01 2023, Alarm Validation Scoring Standard. This standard includes an alarm scoring or classification metric designed to streamline communication between monitoring centers and public safety professionals, leading to better prioritization of calls. The new UL Solutions certification program uses the alarm scoring system as defined in the standard.

“The move toward industry-wide standardization of security alarm notifications and response processes supports collaboration and efficiency between monitoring centers and public safety professionals,” said Karine Johnfroe, vice president and general manager of the Built Environment group at UL Solutions. “We work closely with The Monitoring Association and industry stakeholders to understand their needs and help address safety-critical challenges. UL Solutions’ new program empowers monitoring centers to demonstrate they are aligned with industry best practices for security alarm response procedures, which play an essential role in the success of public safety professionals throughout the United States.”

UL Solutions’ new program includes a self-assessment, ongoing compliance management, and an audit of the monitoring facility’s alarm notification, validation and response processes.

The ANSI/TMA-AVS-01 standard provides an industry-first alarm scoring or classification metric for intrusions detected by security alarm systems. It assists public safety professionals with resource allocation and prioritization of calls for service.

  • Alarm Level 0 – No call for service
  • Alarm Level 1 – Call for service with no other information
  • Alarm Level 2 – Call for service with proof of or a high probability that a person or persons are present at the alarm site
  • Alarm Level 3 – Call for service knowing a person or persons are present at the alarm site and an apparent threat to property
  • Alarm Level 4 – Call for service knowing a person or persons are present at the alarm site and an apparent threat to life

“The Monitoring Association brought together a wide section of stakeholders from the security monitoring industry, including UL Solutions and public safety professionals, to develop an ANSI standard that provides a standardized alarm validation score or classification metric for intrusion detected by security alarm systems. The score will assist law enforcement with resource allocation and call for service prioritization,” said Celia Besore, CEO of The Monitoring Association. “UL Solutions will help alarm monitoring centers demonstrate their commitment to this industry-wide collaboration that can enhance notifications and provide public safety professionals with critical information.”

Learn more about UL Solutions’ new service for security alarm monitoring centers.

Telguard Wins 2023 TMA/SSN Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award

TMA President-elect Steve Butkovich and Security Systems News Editor Cory Harris presented the 2023 TMA/SSN Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award to Telguard President George Brody and Sr. Director of Technical Service Daniel Rosales at the 2023 Annual Meeting on November 7th in Maui, Hawaii. The award was established in 2021 to raise industry awareness of the importance and value of being a diverse and inclusive industry.

“Inclusion and diversity are not just buzzwords for us; they are the cornerstones of the corporate culture at Telguard. This recognition isn’t just a testament to our efforts, but to our collective commitment towards creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered. This achievement is a reflection of the hard work of every team member, the leadership’s unwavering commitment, and the spirit of collaboration that defines our organization.  We believe that diverse perspectives and backgrounds fuel innovation, enhance creativity, and drive better business outcomes. It’s not about meeting quotas; it’s about embracing differences and harnessing the unique strengths each individual brings to the table,” stated George Brody, President of Telguard.

View Acceptance Message

Telguard, a brand of Telular Corporation, provides industry-leading security and life safety technologies to independent security dealers for commercial and residential markets.  Telguard combines devices, communications, video, interactive service and alarm processing into turnkey systems for monitoring intrusion and fire systems without a traditional landline. Telguard offers the industry’s most versatile platform, outstanding solutions, and first-class technical-customer service. Telular Corporation is a business unit of AMETEK Inc. AMETEK Inc. (NYSE: AME) is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annualized sales of approximately $5 billion. 

TMA Presents 2023 Mel Mahler Award to Mark McCall, Immix Protect

The Monitoring Association’s (TMA) President Morgan Hertel honored one of TMA’s volunteer members with the Mel Mahler Award, formerly known as the President’s Award on Mon., Nov. 6th during its General Business Meeting at the 2023 Annual Meeting in Maui, HI. The Mel Mahler Award is presented at the discretion of the TMA president in recognition of outstanding contributions within his/her tenure. The 2023 Mel Mahler Award recipient is Mark McCall, global director of Operations, Immix Protect.

In presenting the 2023 Mel Mahler Award to McCall, President Hertel shared his personal and professional experience working closely with the awardee over the past 20 years. “I have great respect for Mark – both as a dedicated leader and colleague. Most recently, Mark chaired the development committee for the ANSI/TMA-AVS-01 standard. Without his guidance and expert stewardship, I am not certain that the standard would have been completed within the targeted timeline. He is a consummate professional. I am pleased to recognize his outstanding contributions to TMA.”

View Acceptance Message

Longtime Security Industry Contributor Dischert Honored with Top TMA Award, Nov. 7th

The Monitoring Association (TMA) had the distinct opportunity to recognize the exceptional contributions of Larry Dischert, LRD Consulting, on Mon., Nov. 6th during its General Business Meeting at the 2023 Annual Meeting in Maui, HI. TMA President Morgan Hertel presented the respected and esteemed volunteer with TMA’s highest honor, the Stanley C. Lott Memorial Award.

The Stanley C. Lott Memorial Award, established in 1991 to honor its namesake, a dedicated leader and past president, recognizes exceptional long-term leadership and support. In presenting the award to Dischert, TMA President Morgan Hertel shared, “In our industry, there is a whole subset of individuals who work tirelessly, doing the lion share of the work with little or no public recognition. This year’s Stanley C. Lott Memorial Award winner is one example of those that have been working in the background for many years. Over the course of five decades, his contributions to standards development within the security and monitoring industries have been immeasurable.”

From a blank piece of paper and assistance from a few industry peers, Dischert initiated the creation and development of UL1981 Central-Station Automation Systems and has since contributed to many UL standards. From an emphasis on the continuous maturation of UL1981 and UL827, he became a key contributor to UL STP 205 and its sub parts for all equipment and installation standards that impact the safe reliable operation of a monitoring center.

Most recently, Dischert’s involvement includes, but is not limited to, extensive work with TMA CS-V-01 Alarm Confirmation, Verification and Notification Procedures, and ANSI/TMA AVS-01 2023 Alarm Validation Scoring (AVS) Standard with the mission to increase the value of the Central Station service by greatly reducing or eliminating false dispatches.

“I can’t thank the TMA and industry leaders enough, for this recognition,” stated Dischert. “I’ve put 50 years of my life into this arena and have gotten much in return. And this rounds it out very nicely. Again, thanks.”