Bell County, TX and Crawford County PA Go Live with TMA’s ASAP-to-PSAP

TMA is pleased to announce the addition of two new Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) to its Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP-to-PSAP) service network.

Bell County TX  #129

The Bell County TX Communications Center became the 129th Emergency Communications Center (ECC) in the United States and the 15th ECC in the state of Texas to implement the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP).  Bell County went live the week of June 13, 2023, with: Vector Security, Rapid Response Monitoring, Vivint, DynaMark Monitoring, Security Central, Securitas (Stanley Div), Tyco (Johnson Controls), United Central Control, Protection One, Affiliated Monitoring, Securitas, Brinks Home Security, National Monitoring Center, Alert 360, and Guardian Protection. ADT is planning to go-live in the next few weeks.

Crawford County Department of Public Safety PA #130

The Crawford county Department of Public Safety became the 130th Emergency Communications Center (ECC) in the United States and the 7th ECC in the state of Pennsylvania to implement the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP).  The Crawford County ECC went live the week of June 19, 2023, with: Rapid Response Monitoring, Vector Security, Johnson Controls, Securitas (Stanley Div), Securitas, Quick Response, Doyle Security, Dynamark Monitoring, United Central Control, Protection One, National Monitoring Center, Vivint, Brinks Home Security, Guardian Protection, Affiliated Monitoring and ADT.

Learn more about the ASAP-to-PSAP service HERE.


The Monitoring Association Appoints New Government Relations Committee Co-Chair

The Monitoring Association (TMA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Tommy Whisnant to the co-chairmanship of its Government Relations Committee. In this important role, Whisnant will join seated Committee Co-Chair James Marcella, Axis Communications, in leading TMA’s state and local advocacy efforts and often partnering with the Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC) on legislative initiatives. Whisnant is currently the compliance manager for North Carolina-based CPI Security.

“I am honored to have been selected to represent TMA and the Government Relations Committee as Co-Chair. I am looking forward to working with the great people on this Committee and this amazing Association,” stated Whisnant. “Our industry is constantly changing, and we are seeing an extreme amount of traffic with proposed law changes. The Committee is committed to bringing visibility, representing the members of TMA and making decisions based on the best interest of our membership.”

TMA President Morgan Hertel commented, “Tommy is a consummate professional whose combined knowledge and experience will be a valued asset to TMA and its members in this new volunteer leadership role. In a time when our industry is facing some significant legislative and regulatory issues, I am confident in the leadership and insights that James and Tommy bring to TMA’s Government Relations Committee.”

Learn more about TMA’s Government Relations Committee online at

Speco Technologies Announces Strategic Partnership with JVSG

Speco Technologies is excited to announce a strategic partnership with JVSG, a prominent design system software company. This collaboration aims to combine Speco Technologies’ expertise in video surveillance technology with JVSG’s innovative IP system design tool, creating a comprehensive and user-friendly platform.

The partnership will enable Speco Technologies to integrate JVSG’s cutting-edge IP design system software into their existing product portfolio, enhancing the capabilities and functionality of their video surveillance quotes and system designs.

This partnership represents a significant milestone for both Speco Technologies and JVSG, as it combines their respective strengths to deliver a superior solution to the security industry. By working together, the companies aim to transform the way security systems are deployed, providing customers with a streamlined and efficient process. For more information on JVSG visit their website,

The New DICE Launches SD-Wan VPN services with Cyber Security and Automated Registration of Devices

The New DICE has introduced a patented Matrix SD-WAN platform with AI VPN connections to the site, the highest level of cyber security, automated site network mapping, and registration of all devices on a private network.

Perfect for dealers and integrators, this new service includes tunneling and full network management for cameras, NVRs, alarm panels, and other devices with built-in cyber security site isolation and automated AI VPN credentialing.

As a new installation process, this means that there is no need for dealers to manage networking and no NAT rules need to be created to connect any device at the client site.  There is no need to open ports, firewall hole punching, port forwarding or any other networking procedure. This makes setting up site devices and connecting to them easy for installers and provides a simple site management network for connecting and maintaining all site equipment.

Much more than a standard VPN, Matrix AI VPN maps the network and automatically registers all devices, including the cameras, bringing them all online. Users simply name the camera and create zones in the automation software. In the past, users needed to manually enter the IP address, login, password, and have a variety of tools to manage thousands of sites. With full management connectivity to the site, Matrix AI VPN saves security companies time and money.

“We’ve made this scalable, allowing registering and managing tens of thousands or millions of sites,” explained Avi Lupo, co-president of the company. “Matrix AI VPN is SD-WAN technology, built into the Matrix automation platform, giving an AI VPN architecture to any user without investing in VPN hardware or network engineers building VPNs to each site. The big advantage is that we’re taking the workload off network technicians  and making it easier for dealers to offer networked video and other services.”

Dealers can access Matrix AI VPN through central stations with Matrix Interactive. Central station can add Matrix Interactive Video without needing to change their current automation software, providing their dealers, not only with Matrix AI VPN, but a host of new interactive video services.

DICE built this new service as native within its automation platform, which removes the overhead and labor required by networking teams to maintain a VPN or set it up. This also makes camera connections many times faster since they are native on the network with the automation software.

“This is a game changer for the industry,” added Lupo. “Alarm companies can now easily compete and offer network services and isolated camera networks.  Keep in mind that our AI VPN works with any automation software and any network device where Dice is the network or SD-Wan solution.”

For more information on DICE Corporation, visit or call 989-891-2800.

Immix Partners with Captis Intelligence

As part of Immix’s continued efforts to provide tools for its clients to use at various points of the monitoring process, Immix announced a new partnership with Captis Intelligence.

Captis Intelligence has built the first centralized, cloud-based subject intelligence system connected to the world’s largest private database consisting of 85 million + open-source criminal files provided by county, state and federal agencies. ODSI (On Demand Subject Intelligence), is a highly accurate face-matching system allowing professional monitoring agents an industry-first capability to immediately identify suspects from surveillance video.

The partnership with Captis will provide Immix clients exclusive access through to a highly accurate database of open-source criminal records, allowing for better decision making, expedited response, and information which can better protect our first responders and promote public safety. All of which is fully integrated into the Immix workflow as part of our dispatch extension.

“Our integration with Immix provides users with actionable intelligence and helps to close the gap between monitoring stations and emergency responders. It provides crucial information that can make the difference in how they choose to respond, which could ultimately save lives,” says Dario Brebric, the President of Captis Intelligence.

With the increased strain on law enforcement resources, access to valuable information in-the-moment can help to make all the difference. Immix understands the importance of providing our customers with tools that reinforce an operator’s decision-making when dispatching first responders and promote the safety of those individuals.

“This is a game changer for us,” says Jairo Olvera of OnView Integrated Solutions, Inc. “An operator can now run an image scan through Captis directly from Immix with one click and view potential matches within seconds, while still being able to continue monitoring the situation.”

In addition to being able to scan images through Captis during an active event, Immix users will also have access to this tool as the first of its kind in an investigative module of the platform to use when performing forensic analysis or following up on previous events.

“We know that the event isn’t always over as soon as it’s closed. Frequently, our customers perform extensive investigations post-incident,” explains Immix CEO, Chris Brown. “The ability to now analyze these events and accurately identify persons of interest transforms the way that we address the needs of the market.”

Enabling access to Captis’ expansive database and face-scanning technology, both during an event and in an investigative way, injects actionable data into the event monitoring process and expands the services that Immix customers are able to offer.

The integration with Captis is anticipated to be available to all Immix customers Q4 2022.

To learn more about Captis Intelligence, visit their website.

TMA Member Win SSI 2023 SAMMY Awards

Security Sales & Integration held the 2023 SAMMY Awards, Most Valuable Product Awards and the Hall of Fame Inductee ceremony in a ceremony at The Venetian Hotel during ISC West.

The SAMMY Awards recognize installing security integrators, dealers and monitoring providers for their marketing, installation and overall business excellence. The SAMMYs program raises the bar for the entire electronic security industry by sharing the best ideas and practices with all.

A panel of judges selected the top nominees in each of 12 categories among security dealers and integrators that exemplify professionalism in their sales, marketing and installation efforts. Winners of this award receive exposure in SSI’s magazine, website and electronic communications.

Best Overall Marketing Program
  • ADT Commercial

Community Outreach Program

  • Acadian Total Security

Newsletter or Content Marketing

  • Acadian Total Security

Social Media Campaign

  • ADT Commercial

Vehicle Graphics Design

  • ADT Commercial (TIE)

Promotional Video or Audio

  • Vector Security

Best Sales Brochure

  • Acadian Total Security

Integrated Installation of the Year

  • Securitas Technology (TIE)

City of Seattle CSCC WA Goes Live with TMA’s ASAP-to-PSAP Service

The Seattle WA Community Safety & Communications Center (CSCC) became the 128th Emergency Communications Center (ECC) in the United States and the 6th ECC in the state of Washington to implement the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP).  The Seattle CSCC went live the week of June 5, 2023, with: Vector Security, Rapid Response Monitoring, Guardian Protection, Securitas, Security Central, DynaMark Monitoring, Affiliated Monitoring, Tyco (Johnson Controls), Vivint, Brinks Home Security, National Monitoring Center, Securitas (Stanley Div), Protection One and ADT.