Speco Technologies Announces Strategic Partnership with JVSG

Speco Technologies is excited to announce a strategic partnership with JVSG, a prominent design system software company. This collaboration aims to combine Speco Technologies’ expertise in video surveillance technology with JVSG’s innovative IP system design tool, creating a comprehensive and user-friendly platform.

The partnership will enable Speco Technologies to integrate JVSG’s cutting-edge IP design system software into their existing product portfolio, enhancing the capabilities and functionality of their video surveillance quotes and system designs.

This partnership represents a significant milestone for both Speco Technologies and JVSG, as it combines their respective strengths to deliver a superior solution to the security industry. By working together, the companies aim to transform the way security systems are deployed, providing customers with a streamlined and efficient process. For more information on JVSG visit their website, www.jvsg.com.

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