Immix Partners with Captis Intelligence

As part of Immix’s continued efforts to provide tools for its clients to use at various points of the monitoring process, Immix announced a new partnership with Captis Intelligence.

Captis Intelligence has built the first centralized, cloud-based subject intelligence system connected to the world’s largest private database consisting of 85 million + open-source criminal files provided by county, state and federal agencies. ODSI (On Demand Subject Intelligence), is a highly accurate face-matching system allowing professional monitoring agents an industry-first capability to immediately identify suspects from surveillance video.

The partnership with Captis will provide Immix clients exclusive access through to a highly accurate database of open-source criminal records, allowing for better decision making, expedited response, and information which can better protect our first responders and promote public safety. All of which is fully integrated into the Immix workflow as part of our dispatch extension.

“Our integration with Immix provides users with actionable intelligence and helps to close the gap between monitoring stations and emergency responders. It provides crucial information that can make the difference in how they choose to respond, which could ultimately save lives,” says Dario Brebric, the President of Captis Intelligence.

With the increased strain on law enforcement resources, access to valuable information in-the-moment can help to make all the difference. Immix understands the importance of providing our customers with tools that reinforce an operator’s decision-making when dispatching first responders and promote the safety of those individuals.

“This is a game changer for us,” says Jairo Olvera of OnView Integrated Solutions, Inc. “An operator can now run an image scan through Captis directly from Immix with one click and view potential matches within seconds, while still being able to continue monitoring the situation.”

In addition to being able to scan images through Captis during an active event, Immix users will also have access to this tool as the first of its kind in an investigative module of the platform to use when performing forensic analysis or following up on previous events.

“We know that the event isn’t always over as soon as it’s closed. Frequently, our customers perform extensive investigations post-incident,” explains Immix CEO, Chris Brown. “The ability to now analyze these events and accurately identify persons of interest transforms the way that we address the needs of the market.”

Enabling access to Captis’ expansive database and face-scanning technology, both during an event and in an investigative way, injects actionable data into the event monitoring process and expands the services that Immix customers are able to offer.

The integration with Captis is anticipated to be available to all Immix customers Q4 2022.

To learn more about Captis Intelligence, visit their website.

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