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Telguard Introduces First All-5G LTE-M Fire Communicator Lineup

Telguard announced being the first to market with an All-5G LTE-M Fire Communicator lineup that’s made in the USA, with all models available now at distributors.

“Telguard’s fire communicator lineup has expanded greatly in the last 18 months – we’re not just the TG-7FS anymore”, said George Brody, President, Telguard. “And we’ve eliminated the supply chain bottlenecks by making every model we sell in the USA, using the latest 5G LTE-M technology, and all models shipping from stock.”

Whether sole path, dual path, primary or backup, now there’s a Telguard fire communicator that will fit the needs of virtually any application and will be approved by the toughest AHJ. Telguard 5G LTE-M fire communicators make perfect fits for POTS replacements, upgrades, or new installs. With 5G LTE-M technology, Telguard communicators use LTE-M bands for 4G and 5G compatibility, better in-building penetration, and longest product life. They interface with the panel over a single DACT connection for universal compatibility. If the panel has no DACT, simply add the TG-PEM accessory.

“To be sure, the last two years have been tough in terms of being able to get into commercial facilities, the sunsets, and materials shortages – we all know that. But Telguard kept innovating, kept solving problems, and we’re delivering on the promise of being the alarm communication experts with top of the line products, outstanding customer service and technical support, and best-in-class product quality and reliability. And they’re all available, right now, at your preferred distributor.”

Visit telguard.com or call 800.229.2326 for more information on Telguard’s complete line of 5G LTE-M fire communicators.


Security and Home Automation Apps for Consumers

Contributed by: Marjorie Fitton, Regional Account Manager, Alula, marjorie.fitton@alula.net

We used to use only keypads to set the alarm system but with today’s world being so connected you can do so much more! Today, they are referred to as Smart Home devices where you can control everything with your mobile phone or tablet. Not only is it easier to operate your system, but you are always in control since your cell phone is always with you.

Security companies now offer these easy-use apps rather than the keypad, which provides a multitude of benefits, also known as a Smart Home experience. Today you can monitor your home security system and cameras, at any time, and as many times as you want. Plus, you will receive instantaneous alerts and notifications if something occurs at home and sometimes have the opportunity to respond before your security company does.

What does this mean? Security applications offer you valuable peace of mind. With your mobile app, you’ll be able to control your home security system along with many other items in your home, whether at home, at work, on vacation and even halfway around the world. You might say that managing the system is at your fingertips. There are apps available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Some might be progressive web aps (PWA) that look like an app but are actually a website that is responsive to the device you are using.

Most security mobile apps allow you to check the status of your monitored security system and easily arm and disarm your system, as well as other devices. For example, you can easily raise or lower the temperature or unlock doors to let someone in. Some apps also connect to security cameras to see live footage and allow you to view the recorded videos that are saved in the cloud. Is there someone at your home? You will instantly know because your security system will detect motion and instantly notify the central monitoring station and you via the smartphone security mobile app with video.

Plus, you can set up rules to automatically lock up the house each night, dim your lights, and lower the temperature at a set time. You will receive an alert if a door or window opens after that time.

Some apps even have voice control You can use the voice control to arm and disarm your system or change any settings on equipment that is connected.

These apps are not only important for the security of your home, but they provide convenience. Because many security systems also have home automation controls, when you’re away on vacation or at work, you’ll be able to turn on smart lights, unlock your door and even see and speak with visitors. If you are at work, you can remotely let the kids in after school or check to make sure you didn’t leave the coffee on. You can even adjust lights so they’re on when you arrive home in the evening and lower the heat while you’re at the office during the day and turn it on before you get home. The same hold true for air conditioning if you live in a warm climate or it’s summer.

Many security companies also have a log in for a customer portal where you can pay bills, create service requests, and make account updates. These tasks no longer require operator assistance, freeing central station resources and giving you more flexibility.

With today’s technology and a phone in your hand, there is no reason not to take advantage of these many exciting features that would make your life easier and your home more secure.

Security Alarm Corporation Closes Acquisition in St. Petersburg

Security Alarm Corporation (“SAC”), with offices on the Florida Gulf Coast, announces the acquisition of All
Phase Security in St. Petersburg, FL. With this announcement, SAC has now closed five alarm company
acquisitions in the last 15 months expanding its client base in Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, and
Sarasota Counties. SAC, founded in 1979, is a full-service low voltage systems integration company; SAC
installs and services security alarms, fire alarms, camera surveillance systems, access control solutions, and
structured cabling serving all West Florida.

“I am pleased to announce that we have closed our acquisition with All Phase Security, and we have successfully
onboarded the All Phase Security team. The team at SAC views business as an extension of friendship and our
new team in St. Pete fits incredibly well with that philosophy and our culture,” said Justin Allbright, President of
SAC. “Our team continues to execute our ambitious growth strategy in Florida; with the addition of our new
office in St. Petersburg we are investing in our capabilities to better serve our customers in Tampa Bay. I am
thrilled to work with Keith [Lilly] and I am honored that he chose us to serve the All Phase customers.”

Keith Lilly, President of All Phase Security, has joined SAC’s team based in St. Petersburg. “I am extremely
happy with how Justin and his team handled the customer and employee transition and I look forward to the
future. SAC is the right fit as the successor to All Phase Security – they bring tons of resources and experience
to serve our customers but with a family and local business feel,” said Mr. Lilly.

Contact Information: Chris Sileo csileo@securityalarmcorp.com (941) 625-9700

About Security Alarm Corporation
SAC is a comprehensive systems integration company which specializes in security alarms, life safety technology,
and camera systems. The Company was founded in 1979 in Port Charlotte, FL and continues to be family owned.
SAC operates its own independent monitoring station from within its headquarters facility; the monitoring center
is UL Listed and has the Five Diamond designation from The Monitoring Association.

Security Alarm Systems of Virginia, in partnership with SAC, operates as a locally owned alarm/integration
company in Virgina powered by SAC’s expertise, 100+ years of low voltage and life safety experience, and 24/7
security solutions center.

Per Mar Security Services Ranked #13 in SDM’s 2022 Top Systems Integrators Report

TMA member Per Mar Security Services, based in Davenport, IA, is ranked 13th in SDM’s 2022 Top Systems Integrators Report, moving up 5 spots on the list from 2021. The top three market segments contributing to Per Mar’s 2022 security system integration revenue were retail, industrial, and office.

Chris Edwards, President of Per Mar’s Electronic Security Division, said, “We are again honored and excited to continue our move up this list. We have put a focus on expanding our product set and feel very good about our long term direction, and the various ways we can support our customers. As the needs of the marketplace continue to evolve, we are proud to be able to deliver at every turn.”

The SDM Top Systems Integrators Report ranks 100 companies by their 2021 security system integration revenue which includes solutions such as design, project management, product, installation, programming, start-up, and training sold directly to an end-user customer or through a tier of contractors. It does not include recurring monthly revenue, as that is counted towards ranking on the SDM 100.