Security and Home Automation Apps for Consumers

Contributed by: Marjorie Fitton, Regional Account Manager, Alula,

We used to use only keypads to set the alarm system but with today’s world being so connected you can do so much more! Today, they are referred to as Smart Home devices where you can control everything with your mobile phone or tablet. Not only is it easier to operate your system, but you are always in control since your cell phone is always with you.

Security companies now offer these easy-use apps rather than the keypad, which provides a multitude of benefits, also known as a Smart Home experience. Today you can monitor your home security system and cameras, at any time, and as many times as you want. Plus, you will receive instantaneous alerts and notifications if something occurs at home and sometimes have the opportunity to respond before your security company does.

What does this mean? Security applications offer you valuable peace of mind. With your mobile app, you’ll be able to control your home security system along with many other items in your home, whether at home, at work, on vacation and even halfway around the world. You might say that managing the system is at your fingertips. There are apps available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Some might be progressive web aps (PWA) that look like an app but are actually a website that is responsive to the device you are using.

Most security mobile apps allow you to check the status of your monitored security system and easily arm and disarm your system, as well as other devices. For example, you can easily raise or lower the temperature or unlock doors to let someone in. Some apps also connect to security cameras to see live footage and allow you to view the recorded videos that are saved in the cloud. Is there someone at your home? You will instantly know because your security system will detect motion and instantly notify the central monitoring station and you via the smartphone security mobile app with video.

Plus, you can set up rules to automatically lock up the house each night, dim your lights, and lower the temperature at a set time. You will receive an alert if a door or window opens after that time.

Some apps even have voice control You can use the voice control to arm and disarm your system or change any settings on equipment that is connected.

These apps are not only important for the security of your home, but they provide convenience. Because many security systems also have home automation controls, when you’re away on vacation or at work, you’ll be able to turn on smart lights, unlock your door and even see and speak with visitors. If you are at work, you can remotely let the kids in after school or check to make sure you didn’t leave the coffee on. You can even adjust lights so they’re on when you arrive home in the evening and lower the heat while you’re at the office during the day and turn it on before you get home. The same hold true for air conditioning if you live in a warm climate or it’s summer.

Many security companies also have a log in for a customer portal where you can pay bills, create service requests, and make account updates. These tasks no longer require operator assistance, freeing central station resources and giving you more flexibility.

With today’s technology and a phone in your hand, there is no reason not to take advantage of these many exciting features that would make your life easier and your home more secure.