TMA Automation Summit Opens Dialogue on New Standard Implementation

On Tuesday, March 28th, TMA hosted its Automation Summit in Las Vegas, NV. Key stakeholders from across the security and monitoring communities convened in-person and remotely via Zoom to hear from a panel of volunteers who lead the development of TMA’s newest ANSI standard – Alarm Validation Scoring Standard [TMA-AVS-01], which was released in January 2023. With the standard’s accreditation finalized, the next step is to inform, educate, and initiate its implementation and adoption by monitoring centers, automation software providers, ECCs, and law enforcement.

The purpose of the Automation Summit was to open a dialogue amongst key stakeholders across the industry.

TMA extends special appreciation to Mark Hillenburg, DMP, and his team for their generous support of the event.

A recording of the meeting may be viewed on demand HERE.


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