Jewelers Mutual® Group Launches Safety and Security Academy

Jewelers Mutual® Group, the insurance and business solutions provider dedicated to the jewelry industry since 1913, recently announced its collaboration with Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA) and UL Solutions to develop the Safety and Security Academy, a free online training program available for all jewelers and pawnbrokers in the U.S. and Canada, and their staff.

“Security is always a concern in the jewelry industry, and knowledge is power when it comes to jewelers’ safety,” said Mike Alexander, Chief Operating Officer at Jewelers Mutual. “With crime on the rise, it is more critical than ever to make security education a top priority. Our goal in introducing the Safety and Security Academy is to help our jewelers and pawnbrokers advance their knowledge and skills to keep themselves, their staff, and their businesses safe and secure.”

The Safety and Security Academy is powered by PureSafety On Demand by UL Solutions and consists of 16 courses containing content aligned with the JSA Manual of Jewelry Security. With a total 200 minutes of learning, the comprehensive e-learning program provides foundational education on security best practices. Coursework can be tailored to business and staff needs.

Lessons include learning how to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of criminal targeting
  • Decrease crime-related losses
  • Travel safely with valuable inventory
  • Stay safe during and following a criminal incident

“Complacency can be dangerous to jewelers and pawnbrokers, their staff, and their businesses. The Safety and Security Academy is intended for repeat use. We recommend that the coursework is used for new employee onboarding, monthly group training sessions, and ongoing staff refreshers to keep best practices top of mind,” said Alexander.

Jewelers and pawnbrokers interested in learning more and registering for the Safety and Security Academy can visit The training is free-of-charge to everyone in the jewelry industry.

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