Celebrate National Technician’s Day, Jan. 23rd

TMA is pleased to support the first-ever #NationalSecurityTechnicianDay this Monday, January 23rd. Established by FAST, with the support of SIA and ESA, National Security Technician Day  recognizes the contributions technicians make to our industry and our communities.

Technicians are everyday heroes whose work ensures that security and safety technologies are installed and supported so that people and property are protected. It’s not an easy job: They’re wizards who have to know the newest technologies and equally know the labor skills required for complex installations, and how to work with clients in demanding environments.

Join in the celebration and Make a Plan to Celebrate Your Security Technicians:

Make the day special for your security technicians or those of your partners. Can’t celebrate on Monday? Pick another day for your internal celebration and simply announce your plans this Monday.

Here are some ideas to show your appreciation:

  • Host a luncheon, cookout, or other event for your team to celebrate technicians support security, fire and other safety systems.
  • Surprise your techs with swag. Think cool gear, tools and apparel.
  • Put your money where your heart is: Gift cards or spot bonuses go a long way to show appreciation for techs.
  • Reward them with some time off or a short day!
  • Invest in their training/professional development.
  • Recognize your techs or techs you know. Even better, encourage your clients and partners to recognize some of their favorite techs; it’s hard to beat client appreciation


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