Ubiety Technologies Unveils Eckleburg: A Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Platform

Ubiety Technologies Inc., the creator of HomeAware™, the first digital presence monitoring solution, has announced the public launch of its Artificial Intelligence engine codenamed: Eckleburg. Eckleburg serves as the backend intelligence engine behind all Ubiety product and service offerings across the residential, commercial and community security and safety industries.

The result of several years’ investment of R&D, Eckleburg is Ubiety’s custom developed AI platform that is purpose built to consume high velocity radio frequency data streaming from the RF signals emitted by digital devices in an area. Eckleburg combines a state of the art data streaming capability built on the latest cutting edge technology with advanced Machine Learning algorithms trained on Ubiety’s internal and proprietary data sets to produce a set of ‘presence detection’ capabilities that no one else in the world can offer today. Eckleburg’s first assignment was to distill an overwhelming ‘wall of noise’ of RF data down into a set of meaningful and actionable insights in near real time. Since its inception, we’ve also grown and modularized Eckleburg so that it can add different types of data to expand its insights in new areas.

Eckleburg is ingesting high velocity data in real-time from several different wireless protocols (e.g. cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth) emitted by a wide range of devices including mobile phones, laptops & tablets, smart devices, wearables, and many other IoT devices. In each unique deployment, Eckleburg is able to learn and establish known devices and what represents ‘normal’ activity patterns in order to identify anomalies and generate alerts based on the traffic it observes. The custom graph structure for data processing in Eckleburg allows us to make multiple predictions and inferences about each unique packet of data that flows through the network. Combining the insights from each node of the network and all individual predictions allows us to critically score the value for every potential alert and only relay the most important information to the end user.

In residential security and awareness, Eckleburg can detect anomalous devices entering a home that don’t belong. For example, if all members of a family use Apple iPhones and a Samsung phone enters the home, Eckleburg alerts the homeowner to an unknown device without requiring that device to connect to their WiFi. Similarly, if parents are out for the evening and expect their two children to remain home, but Eckleburg recognizes there are 6 additional phones present, Eckleburg alerts the homeowner. And critically – all of this is possible without installing cameras or microphones in the home.

“I am extremely proud to release the next generation of Ubiety’s Artificial Intelligence engine into the residential and commercial security markets. Existing AI products in security are not capturing the vast dataset available from Radio Frequency emitting devices and Eckleburg is the first solution to bridge that gap” said Joe Loftus, Director of Data Science at Ubiety. “We have internally trained a set of Machine Learning models to accomplish a wide range of tasks such as device categorization and classification, device counting, and anomaly detection. Our Artificial Intelligence capabilities allow us to build a complete profile of device presence and human activity purely by analyzing passive RF signals. This produces a unique and valuable set of insights that would otherwise be invisible and be ignored by any other offering in the market today. We believe that these insights will augment traditional security and smart home systems and will greatly enhance both the customer experience and the efficacy of conventional physical security offerings.”

Mik Cox, Ubiety’s Chief Technology Officer, added “Eckleburg is built on some of the world’s most advanced ML and streaming tools, including cutting-edge open source platforms that are used by over 80% of the Fortune 100 and are developed rapidly and collaboratively by dozens of the world’s most innovative tech companies. The Ubiety team purposefully built Eckleburg to be a high throughput, high availability, and highly scalable platform for real-time stream processing, and watching its evolution over the past couple years has been staggering. I believe that Eckleburg’s capabilities will act as a catalyst to the security industry, expanding the boundaries of what is possible. Combining existing industry data with Ubiety’s novel RF detection and AI insights will unlock a host of new features never before seen in the security and IoT industries.”

Keith Puckett, Ubiety’s CEO said: “The security ecosystem has historically only had access to binary, blind alerts – things like motion sensors, door/window contact sensors, glass break detection, or video camera technology. All of these input methods can be extremely valuable, but often lack crucial context about what is actually happening, and do not generate situational awareness in an automated, scalable manner. For example, video cameras are terrific tools, but still often require a human in the loop or heavy video processing algorithms for interpretation – both of which are subject to error and bias. Additionally, OEMs, security dealers, and monitoring centers are aiming to adhere to updated industry standards such as TMA AVS-01.”

Nacho Andrade, Ubiety’s Chief Product Officer shared his perspective: “Innovation in the security industry has been very video-centric in recent years, and while these solutions have unlocked a ton of value, they have left other areas unexplored. While we see Eckleburg making a transformative impact on residential security today, it’s really only the tip of the iceberg for what is possible. Eckleburg was designed to work with many types of data, this means we can plug in information available from security solutions today to do even more amazing things. Eckleburg could ‘see’ that the residents left the house, but the smart door locks aren’t engaged. In that situation we could automatically lock the doors and arm the security system. The products we are building at Ubiety are the types of innovations that product people dream about, where instead of trying to carefully craft a use case to fit the technology, one of the biggest challenges we face is deciding which use case to tackle first”

Eckleburg is the backbone that powers Ubiety’s product offerings, HomeAware and SignalWise. From the moment a customer enables their Ubiety solution, Eckleburg will begin to learn from the local signaling environment, and after an initial “learning and settling” period, begins to generate meaningful insights and security alerts based on observed behavior. As we continue to build and develop new features on top of Eckleburg we look forward to expanding the capabilities to ingest new sources of data and create an even more holistic picture of presence and context. In the future we are building there will be far fewer unknowns to the anxious homeowner when they receive an urgent call from their security provider. To learn more about Eckleburg and what we are building at Ubiety Technologies please visit www.ubiety.io.

To learn more about Ubiety’s home security product, please visit www.homeaware.com.

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