TMA Government Relations Update

The TMA Government Relations Committee has reviewed 50 legislative bills to date in 2017. During these reviews Chair Rick Sheets has collaborated with ESA Government Relations and TMA members to gain insight on the effect these bills have on our industry. Here are some bills the GR Committee felt had major impacts.

  • AL HB 426 (Previously LRS2017-573): Creates additional license classification and updates definitions, exempts out of state sales person and replacement of thermostats from licensing.
  • DE HB 93 (New): Creates path for out of state License Qualifier and adds licensing requirements for monitoring agents.
  • FL HB 473/SB 822 (New): Makes ECV optional for Federal Firearms Licensed premises.
  • OK SB 531 (Updated): Reduces licensing hurdles for multiple licenses for companies and its employees to be able to sell and install home automation products that are controlled by a residential burglar alarm system. Passed Senate and awaiting vote in the House.

“It is important that members are engaged in the process to protect their business and viability in the market place,” said Sheets. If you would like any additional details on these bills or have any input you would like to submit, he can be contacted at

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