5 Questions for alliantgroup’s Dhaval Jadav

Meet Dhaval Jadav, CEO of new TMA member alliantgroup.

  1. What is your company’s mission and how does it intersect with the alarm industry? Dhaval Jadav

alliantgroup’s mission is simple—it is to strengthen U.S. businesses and to ensure that technical jobs remain here in the United States and are not outsourced. We do this by educating U.S. businesses on the various federal and state tax incentives that our government has put in place specifically for U.S. businesses to make them more competitive in the global marketplace.

As a premier tax consultancy, we help businesses from a range of industries claim the full value they are entitled to through these credit and incentive programs. The alarm industry happens to be one of the many industries that we serve as the everyday activities of these companies and TMA members traditionally make them excellent candidates for the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit. The R&D Tax Credit is specifically designed to incentivize and reward companies for the technical enhancements they make to their products, processes or services—the latter two being exactly how TMA members and other alarm and monitoring companies spend the majority of their days.

The technical steps that are taken to perfect an alarm or a security system, the design and development work that is done to integrate multiple systems or to ensure these systems communicate with one another—these are the sort of things the R&D Tax Credit is designed to incentivize and reward. By claiming the R&D Tax Credit, we have seen countless businesses generate the spending capital that is needed to invest in future R&D initiatives and hire more technical employees.

  1. Share a personal experience you’ve had with alarm monitoring or public safety.

Our firm has had the opportunity to work with several companies in this space, and what has always stood out to me was the truly dynamic and innovative nature of their services. From the design and programming of complex control systems to harnessing the full capabilities of the cloud and the Internet of Things, these companies are truly on the forefront of innovation and represent the current direction of American enterprise.

It’s an honor to be able to work with such a cutting-edge industry, and I look forward to all that we can accomplish for TMA members.

  1. What are your goals for your membership in TMA?

There are numerous studies out now on our nation’s STEM-labor shortage and the growing “Engineering Gap” between the U.S. and countries such as China and India. There is no doubt that the lack of domestic technical talent has been detrimental to our economy and for the job prospects for many Americans, with many companies feeling forced to outsource technical jobs overseas given the current labor market.

This gets to the heart of why alliantgroup is joining TMA. By joining TMA, we are expanding our footprint in a very technical industry and we hope that we can help your members claim the dollars they need to hire more American workers, thereby keeping these lucrative jobs on U.S. shores. It is my goal that every TMA member claims the full value they are entitled to under the tax code because not only is this a win for their businesses, it’s a huge win for American workers and the economy at large.

  1. What makes your company special?

Our people. A company is only as good as its people, and our professionals are 100 percent committed to the firm’s mission and to 24/7 client service. Our mission is to make sure that each and every client we engage from TMA becomes a Raving Fan of alliantgroup and a client for life.

alliantgroup would not be where it is today without the passion and investment of our employees. Their drive to be the best and the culture of accountability that we have established—those are the things I am most proud of since inception.

  1. Tell us something about yourself that drives the way you do business. 

I am a big sports fan and something that I have learned over the years is that many of the traits that drive a successful team are the same as those that drive a successful business. Competition, teamwork and complete investment to achieve a common goal are the main ingredients to any winning team, and the same goes for the business world. Friendly competition between employees drives everyone to be their best and creates a culture of accountability. In the same vein, I find that learning to collaborate and work as a team brings out fresh new perspectives and fosters community within a company. This in turn leads to greater employee engagement as individuals become more invested in their ideas and in seeing one another succeed.

As I see it, the key to a successful company is to empower people, to get people to buy in and feel passionate about a common objective. In our case, that mission is all about strengthening American businesses and doing our part to help keep some of the best and lucrative jobs here in the United States.

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