TMA Dispatch – Spring Issue Now Available

What’s keeping you up at night? TMA members are saying the post-COVID hiring challenges are at the top of their list. The spring issue of the TMA Dispatch dips it’s toes into the challenge. Read how two TMA member company HR leaders are confronting the issue and how you can bets position your company for successful recruiting, as well as retention. In a related article, a guest columnist shares five ways your company continue to enhance your brand image to attract multigenerational talent. She poses the question, “Would your employees recommend your company to others in the community?”

You’ll also find:

  • Guest Column – Every three years, NFPA 72® is updated. The 2022 edition of the standard was published in the fall of 2021. Honeywell’s Richard Roberts provides a high-level summary of the new requirements for NFPA 72.
  • Standards – TMA-AVS-01, TMA’s groundbreaking standard, is officially an ANSI standard. T h e next step is implementation. Learn more and find out about our new, proposed ANSI standard that is taking on active threats.
  • Research – Parks Associates’ Research Analyst Frank Saldana takes a close look at how issues of warranty and data security will continue to rise with the sale of security and smart home devices into the residential market increases.
  • CEO Q&A – Meet one of the most accomplished and respected women in security industry leadership today in this issue’s CEO Q&A. Read our interview with Joey Rao-Russell, President & CEO of Kimberlite, Corp.
  • More!

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