TMA President Inducted into SSI Hall of Fame

TMA President Morgan Hertel was inducted into Security Sales and Integration Magazine (SSI) 2023 Hall of Fame at ISC West in Las Vegas. According to SSI Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine, “the SSI Hall memorializes those whose work is in fact connected with life-and-death outcomes. Everyone in the security and fire/life-safety industry plays a part in the grand scheme to protect people, property, and assets.” As of today, more than 120 high achievers have been elected to the SSI Industry Hall of Fame.

Goldfine further states, “Those chosen for this special recognition often demonstrate coveted qualities such as talent, vison, passion, skill, dedication, focus, tenacity, and intuition. However, rising to the lofty level of all-time greatness also brings into play admirable characteristics like integrity, honesty, humility, ethics, and philanthropy. Those attributes embody the exemplary persons who since 2004 have been inducted into the SSI Industry Hall of Fame — including this year’s heroic half-dozen.

In his profile, Morgan shared his biggest wish for the industry change as, ““I would like to change people’s attitude toward change itself. It’s a human trait to push back against change because it can be scary. But it’s necessary in our industry.”

Read Morgan’s full profile on the SSI website.

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