The New DICE Opens ULC-Compliant Data Center for Canada

The New DICE UL data center at its headquarters is now ULC compliant for Canada, meaning any central station that has dealers in Canada and the United States can now be hosted in the DICE center and operate in both countries simultaneously.

Even central stations that are not using Matrix Interactive, or any other DICE product, can take advantage of the ULC compliance, the company announcement says.

DICE’S Bay City data center is already UL Compliant. Previously, UL did not have a hosting standard in the U.S. They based and built the UL 827A standard on DICE’s data center.

As Canadian companies began hosting at the DICE data centers, they began pushing to use the UL standard that was built in the U.S. However, ULC chose to develop their own standard.

“Even though they based the new standard on our data centers, we had to make a lot of changes, which took about two years,” says Cliff Dice, president, CEO, & founder of The New DICE, in the company announcement.

“We spent quite a bit of time and money, but what helped is the fact that our sister company, IPtelX, is a registered Canadian carrier and ISP provider,” he says. “In fact, we are not only an infrastructure and security company, but also the backbone for most of the smart home systems in Canada as well.”

How DICE Data Center Became ULC-Compliant

To develop the Canadian standard, ULC looked at every detail of the DICE data center, including how the building is built, how the fire suppression systems work, redundancy, backups, failovers, power and infrastructure networks, telecom, receiver management, software management, and the disaster plans and procedures that are in place.

“Now those central stations that do not want to make the investment of building their own data center, can now use the DICE data center,” says Dice in the company announcement.

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