Take your seat at the Standards table! New opportunities available.

Standards are important to how your business operates. Participation in writing those standards allows you to have a voice. Please give serious consideration to participating on the following three important standards initiatives concerning NFPA 72 (National Fire Code) 2025 Cycle.

NFPA 72 2025 Cycle
NFPA has initiated the process to consider changes to the 2025 edition of NFPA 72, The National Fire Code. Suggested changes to the standard are to be submitted in June, 2022. TMA members routinely summit suggested changes as individuals. TMA may also submit suggested changes on behalf of membership. To review possible TMA submissions, TMA’s Standards Committee is establishing a workgroup to determine what submissions should be made. It is important that membership participate in this activity. Please have fire alarm subject matter experts within your firms participate on this very important work-group.

TMA CO Standard
The TMA CO standard (CS-CO-01) has been withdrawn by ANSI. Monitoring of CO alarms is covered by NFPA 72. There are differences between CS-CO-01 and NFPA 72. While it is not the intent of TMA to interpret code for members, CS-CO-01 implied that the premises should be notified first. NFPA 72 can be interpreted as allowing either the premises or first responders (PSAP, call-for service) to get the first notification, allowing for local AHJ requirements. The NFPA 72 work-group will review this issue.

The NFPA 72 work-group being established (above) will also address the CO standards issue.

NFPA 72 SIG-SSS Membership
Jay Hauhn currently represents TMA on this NFPA-72 committee. Tony Mucci from JCI serves as Jay’s alternate. Jay has announced his retirement from the committee and Tony Mucci will move from committee alternate to principal. TMA is seeking a fire alarm expert to serve as the alternate on the committee. If you are interested, please notify Glenn Schroeder (standards@tma.us) or Celia Besore (cbesore@tma.us) by Friday, April 8th.

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