FCC Issues New Equipment Certification Procedures 

Attention Alarm Equipment Manufacturers:  FCC Outsources RF Equipment Certification, and Updates Testing and Measurement Standards

On December 30, 2014, the FCC issued a Report and Order in ET Docket No. 13-44, updating the Commission’s radiofrequency (RF) equipment authorization program to expand the use of Commission-recognized Telecommunications Certification Bodies (TCBs) as a faster and less expensive way to certify equipment. The TCB program up until now allowed equipment manufacturers to go to a private sector certification contractor rather than going through the full FCC Equipment Certification process, but only for certain categories of equipment. The new rules essentially outsource the entire certification process to the TCBs, in the name of facilitating the more rapid introduction of new and innovative products to the market while ensuring that these products do not cause harmful interference.

The rules have not yet appear on the Federal Register so the 30-day period for the rules to become effective has not yet started. Find details on the CSAA website.

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