CSAA Board Member Ron Rothman Retires from Honeywell

On January 16, Honeywell announced the appointment of David Paja as president of Honeywell Security Group, succeeding Ron Rothman, a member of the CSAA board of directors who has served as president of Honeywell Security Group since January 2010 (and who will remain with Honeywell through June to assist with the transition).

“Ron’s involvement in the industry goes well beyond his role as the president of a leading manufacturer,” said CSAA President Jay Hauhn today. “His unselfish participation in industry associations is without equal.”

Jay Hauhn (left) and Ron Rothman at the CSAA 2013 Annual Meeting

Jay Hauhn and Ron Rothman at the CSAA 2013 Annual Meeting

“Ron has been a real friend of the industry and CSAA,” said CSAA past president Ed Bonifas. “During the time he has represented our Associate members on the CSAA board over the past five years, Ron has never solved problems with a shotgun approach. I appreciate that his insights are always on target.”

“Ron has been a long time friend and a business mentor, for whom I have the utmost respect,” continued Hauhn. “I am sure I speak for the entire industry when I say ‘thank you’ for all your contributions, and ‘best of luck’ wherever your path leads next.”

In Honeywell’s official press release, Ismail says “I would like to thank Ron Rothman for his leadership and significant contributions to both Honeywell and the industry, and I wish him and his family the best … Ron has been a strong and passionate leader. In his more than 30 years in the security industry and at Honeywell, he built lasting customer relationships and drove the development of innovative products and solutions that helped transform the market. He has been a driving force in making Honeywell a security industry leader and positioning the organization for ongoing growth and success.”

— Elizabeth Lasko, January 19, 2015

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