Why Should You Present at the 2015 CSAA Annual Meeting?

Julie Webber Sept 2014

Julie Webber

A message from Julie Webber, CSAA VP of Education and Training.

Happy New Year! My colleagues and I on the CSAA staff want to make sure you know about speaking opportunities at our Annual Meeting coming up in October of this year. While it seems a ways off, from our perspective it really is right around the corner.

We here at CSAA are committed to making our annual meeting a value-added learning event. We want attendees to leave the meeting with essential information and action items that they can implement immediately within their business environment.

Our presenters are the key to creating this result. The central station monitoring industry is gearing up for another exciting year of growth. And this isn’t just with technology enhancements. For example, as an industry we are becoming more involved with keeping smart homes smart. We are the ones who watch over your home when you’re not there.  In fact, we have become integral players in the overall security business. Cyber security affects all of us. Issues that impact the internet, such as net neutrality, are important to us. Keeping up with telecommunications changes and the FCC can be overwhelming. Will you be one of those who step up to the plate to help us understand the issues and take action?

A few weeks ago we opened our Call for Presentations, and I’ve received a number of interesting topic proposals, many focusing on “issues that keep us awake at night.” There’s still time to participate, but the deadline for submissions is approaching. If you have something to share, we’ll be accepting proposals until noon on Monday, February 2.

I challenge you to take the leap and consider how your contributions can positively impact the entire industry — and I am here to help you get a great return on your personal investment. Please contact me at jwebber@csaaintl.org to start our discussion.

We look forward to seeing you in Sonoma, California in October!

Call for Presentations

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