Digital Monitoring Products Releases XV-24 with AlarmVision™️

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) announces the release of the XV-24 with AlarmVision™️. AlarmVision’s patent-pending technology seamlessly integrates cameras, analytics and the XR Series™ control panels in one platform to create a smart motion detector that triggers panel responses and alarms in real time.

According to Alee Rouhani, DMP’s Director of Marketing, “The XV-24 with AlarmVision not only detects important objects but can trigger an alarm or lights to help deter an intruder from entering a premises, potentially avoiding or limiting damage caused before a break-in occurs.

XV-24 with AlarmVision™ gives business owners peace of mind that their property is being actively monitored by adding real time analytic monitoring to existing and new video cameras. Features include:

  • Define where users want to detect activity within a camera’s field of view
  • Specify what activity users want to detect – person, vehicle and/or animal
  • Schedule when detection of that activity should trigger a response

“A key advantage to AlarmVision is how it can be used for false alarm reduction as it will simultaneously notify both the end user and monitoring center for verification when a defined event occurs,” stated Barrett Hillenburg, Product Manager of Software Applications for DMP.

DMPs Dealer Admin™ provides one interface to program cameras, analytics, and panel zones, while Virtual Keypad™ provides users with a single interface to monitor and manage their video activity.

For more information and full capabilities of the XV-24 with AlarmVision™️, visit


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