SightLogix Introduces SightsTrackerPTZ

SightLogix’s new SightTracker PTZ is a smart camera with Edge AI that automatically zooms and follows outdoor intruders with fast, on-target responsiveness.

By embedding SightTracker™ software and AI classification analytics inside our high-performance PTZ, the camera automatically tracks targets without latency or the network delays inherent in other PTZ solutions, delivering unmatched situational awareness for outdoor sites.

SightTracker PTZ works with SightSensor thermal detection cameras, staying locked onto intruders as they move throughout the site, even beyond the field of view of the detecting camera. By re-centering the target up to 10 times per second, the SightTracker PTZ keeps the intruder in clear view with striking zoomed-in detail.

Powered by AI-based classification analytics, IR illumination, 33x optical zoom, 360-degree pan, and a 5MP imager with excellent low-light performance, SightTracker PTZ revolutionizes the outdoor PTZ market.

“SightTracker PTZ solves a big outdoor security challenge, which is keeping eyes on an intruder without manually steering a PTZ – instead, it’s all automatic,” said John Romanowich, SightLogix president and CEO. “With the SightTracker PTZ’s Edge AI, operators are unburdened from the critical task of tracking so they can focus on mitigating the threat, and achieve the highest levels of security.”

SightTracker PTZ is available to order now for protecting utilities and substations, data centers, transportation assets, or any commercial site vulnerable to outdoor theft and vandalism.

Learn more about SightTracker PTZ:

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