CPI Security Partners With Lumos to Offer Fiber Internet in the Southeast

CPI Security announced a partnership with high-speed fiber internet provider Lumos to offer homeowners in the Southeast with Wi-Fi that will better support their customized smart home security systems.

Lumos is the leading all-fiber optic internet and total home Wi-Fi service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region, according to the announcement. Based in Charlotte, N.C., CPI Security is the largest privately held security and home automation company in the Southeast.

Video surveillance is becoming more integral to home security, with more than 70 percent of homeowners adding video devices to their home security systems, the announcement states. Integrating multiple video streams and Wi-Fi-enabled smart security devices increases the demands put on home Wi-Fi networks. Lumos’ fiber optic Internet connection allows families to use home security systems, while having an abundance of remaining bandwidth to work from home, stream movies, upload large files, play video games and more.

“Our goal is to give our customers the best possible experience, and that’s why we are partnering with the best Fiber Optic Internet provider,” CPI Security CEO and Founder Ken Gill said. “Lumos’ high-speed internet services, combined with our cellular technology, will help our security systems perform more efficiently, and we can introduce Lumos customers to the best in smart home security.”

Lumos is building an all-fiber optic infrastructure that delivers up to 385 times faster upload speeds and 30 times faster download speeds than a cable connection, the announcement states. Additionally, fiber is more resilient against disruptions from heat, bad weather and power outages.

“Homes with Lumos’ fiber service, particularly a gigabit connection, will have more than enough bandwidth to support CPI’s cameras, locks, and monitors, while also allowing residents to seamlessly work from home, stream online classes in high definition, take advantage of advancements in telemedicine and more,” states Lumos CEO Brian Stading.

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