12/17 Virtual Town Hall – AT&T 3G Sunset: Appeal for Extension

As many of you know, AT&T and Verizon have announced sunsets for their 3G networks. AT&T is calling for a sunset date of February 22, 2022 and Verizon is calling for a sunset of December of 2022 – 10 months later.

Join us for this special TMA Virtual Town Hall to learn what you can do to prevent 6,000,000 alarm industry radios becoming dysfunctional.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the industry is seeking a longer transition period before AT&T sunsets its 3G network. For that reason, we are asking elected officials to reach out to AT&T and urge them to push back their sunset to December 2022 which would make AT&T’s sunset the same time as Verizon’s proposed sunset, citing the pandemic as the reason.

Because of the Coronavirus many of our members’ customers have been reluctant to have alarm technicians enter their homes and businesses to upgrade their equipment to it compatible with newer networks.

Register to attend this special Virtual Town Hall to learn more about this issue, its potential impact on your business and its customers, and how you can best support this appeal.

Our Speakers
  • Bill Springer, The Carmen Group (AICC Lobbyist)
  • Lou Fiore, Chair, AICC


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