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Axis Announces Support for IEEE Security Standard

Axis Communications announced support for the IEEE 802.1AE MACsec security standard in the latest release of its operating system, AXIS OS 11.8, for more than 200 network devices, including cameras, intercoms and audio speakers.

According to the company, the development enables such devices to automatically encrypt data at a foundational level to enhance zero-trust networking. Axis says it is the first manufacturer of physical security products to support MACsec (Media Access Control Security).

With AXIS OS 11.8, MACsec is enabled by default (through EAP-TLS/Dynamic CAK mode). Data is encrypted at the Ethernet Layer 2 (data link) network level, safeguarding the integrity of data being transferred between Axis devices and MACsec-enabled Ethernet switches.

Axis says that, even if a user is already implementing HTTPS or a different form of encryption at another layer, adding MACsec at layer 2 effectively double encrypts the data, meaning that an attacker would need to intercept and decrypt both layers in order to see or steal critical information.

“Customers benefit from security features that are enabled by default and that do not require any pre-configuration,” said Andre Bastert, global product manager, AXIS OS, in a statement. “They lower installation complexity, and thereby, literally save time and money. These security features are great examples of zero-trust security that do not require more time from customers. With the increase in the convergence of OT (operational technology) and IT (information technology), these standard security mechanisms are what IT professionals expect of smart IoT products, and we are meeting their needs as part of Axis’ long-term strategy to enable secure, zero-touch integration of Axis network products into zero-trust networks.”

Axis Communications Announces a New Cybersecurity Feature for its Body Worn Cameras

Axis Communications announces a new cybersecurity feature for Axis body worn cameras. Available with firmware release 11.0, signed video provides an additional layer of protection for body worn solutions helping to enforce trust in video evidence. This valuable feature adds a cryptographic checksum into the video stream allowing the video to be reliably traced back to the unique Axis camera where it was produced and verifying that the footage hasn’t been tampered with.

Whether in criminal or civil investigations, it’s vital that the authenticity of video surveillance can be presented without question. Because any doubt, however small, can be used to undermine the relevance of the video evidence. Now, thanks to signed video, it’s possible to verify the authenticity of video throughout the entire chain of custody.

Within Axis cameras, signed video uses the Axis Edge Vault hardware component, one of the key security features built into Axis products. Axis Edge Vault is a secure cryptographic compute module which can be used for cryptographic operations on securely stored certificates. It provides tamper-protected storage, enabling each device to securely store sensitive data and provide for secure execution of applications.

Key benefits of signed video:

•    Helps ensure trust and assurance of video evidence
•    Provides authentication at the point of capture
•    Easy integration thanks to open-source framework

Axis body worn solutions allow wearers to view video files on a mobile device or even in the VMS/EMS after the camera is docked and synched. However, for security purposes, camera wearers cannot access or share footage directly from the camera. Signed video provides an additional layer of protection for body worn solutions so customers can rest assured that the authenticity of video evidence is protected — from the point of capture to the court room.