Product iQ: UL’s Next-Generation Online Certification Directory

UL LOGOUL is pleased to announce the availability of Product iQ, a certifications platform that marries the longstanding UL certification data with the intuitive design and user-friendliness of a modern search engine.

UL is committed to ongoing digital transformation across the enterprise. Product iQ is one of several initiatives designed to meet the growing demands of a digital world. Product iQ is designed to create new value, support transformation and evolve with changing needs.

Product iQ is built on a modern digital platform with a streamlined user interface and a fast, robust search capability. Features such as guided keyword search, search refinement and the ability to email search results improve the user experience. Additionally, a new, premium subscription offering allows users to purchase access to enhanced tools: saved searches, tagging and confirmation letters.

Product iQ also enables our customers to promote and differentiate their products and company through the use of digital media services and targeted email campaigns. Platform analytics can help our customers connect with other UL customers and provide transparency to industry and platform trends.

Access to UL’s certification information will always be free. Upon registration, users access exactly the same certification information as in the old platform at no cost. Upgrade to a premium subscription is available for those interested in the more advanced tools.

The platform technology underlying Product iQ was selected based on its ability to expand and grow with the information needs of UL’s stakeholders and customers. It is UL’s vision to use this platform to create premium value for UL clients and stakeholders by helping them both identify safer, more compliant products and services, and help them promote the same to potential buyers.

Product iQ will be available concurrently to the original Online Certifications Directory (OCD) for some time to allow users to register and learn the new platform. The OCD will be decommissioned later in 2018 and its links will be redirected to the new Product iQ platform.

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