New White Paper Now Available for Download

TMA’s latest White Paper, “Implementing the AVS-01 Alarm Validation Scoring Standard: Enhancing Alarm Response Through Industry Collaboration,” is now available for download.

The AVS-01 Standard represents a collective effort to address industry challenges. Participating monitoring center leaders demonstrate their commitment to industry-wide best practices, fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence in alarm response. This strengthens industry credibility and professionalism, promoting consistent and effective alarm response processes.

TMA has prepared a White Paper that highlights the benefits of implementing the AVS-01 Standard and inspires monitoring center leaders to actively participate in this voluntary standard.

Check it out and see why monitoring centers that actively participate in AVS-01 position themselves as industry leaders, showcasing their commitment to public safety and operational excellence. Join the growing community dedicated to improving alarm response and public safety through standardized practices. Become part of the movement driving the improvement of alarm response and public safety.

Download the White Paper HERE.

Learn more about the AVS-01 Alarm Validation Scoring Standard and its benefits at

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