Jewelers Mutual® Group Unveils Crime Awareness Video Series

Jewelers Mutual® Group announced the Crime Awareness Video Series as the latest educational resource it is contributing to the industry-wide Partner for Protection movement. The video series features security expertise from Jewelers’ Security Alliance and Jewellers Vigilance Canada on crime trends, security tips and actionable solutions to help educate and keep the jewelry industry safe and secure.

The jewelry industry continues to be the target of crimes at unprecedented rates, resulting in high losses and increased risks to safety. Late last year, Jewelers Mutual spearheaded the Partner for Protection movement to curb the rise in jewelry crimes. The movement aims to unite the industry in rethinking safety and security strategies, with all jewelers encouraged to take the pledge to stay vigilant in their jewelry communities and take action to keep themselves, their staff and their businesses protected.

The first five episodes in the video series include real crime experiences, lessons learned and expert guidance from John Kennedy from Jewelers’ Security Alliance, Kelly Ross from Jewellers Vigilance Canada, and veteran retail jeweler Michael Richards from Underwood Jewelers, with moderator Mark Smelzer from Jewelers Mutual. Episodes include discussions on the state of crime in the jewelry industry, smash-and-grab burglaries, grab-and-run thefts, jewelry store burglaries, and the emotional impact of crime.

“As a company dedicated to serving the jewelry industry for the last 110 years, we understand the importance of education to help support, protect and mitigate losses for jewelers,” said Mike Alexander, Chief Operating Officer at Jewelers Mutual. “We can never stop learning when it comes to crime prevention, and we are proud to support the Partner for Protection movement along with other industry leaders because we believe reducing crime takes all of us. The series helps jewelers learn what to watch out for and how to take greater action so the industry stays safe and strong for the next 110 years.”

The Crime Awareness Video Series is available to view on, and all jewelers and industry members are encouraged to join the Partner for Protection movement by taking the pledge to protect their businesses and communities.

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