CSAA “Fall Ops” Attendees Get an ASAP Close-Up at Safeguard

ASAP-Concept1DOn November 8, CSAA Fall Operations Management Seminar attendees were invited on a tour of Safeguard Security, a CSAA Five Diamond-certified, ASAP-active central station, in Scottsdale, AZ. There they got a first-hand demonstration of the features of ASAP. Fall Ops 4

“We are proud to have been asked to host the Fall Ops Central Station tour,” said Paul Sargenti, President and CEO of SAFE Security. “It gave us the opportunity showcase our facility, technology and programs that we believe should be the industry standard of how we may best serve our customers.”

“Mark Demler, Scott Thompson, Josh Jalowiec, and Melinda VanEpps were at the top of their form showcasing our new Scottsdale Central Station,” continued Sargenti. “Robin Bisbing’s demonstrations of the life-saving and efficiency features of the ASAP interface sent a strong message to all that this is a critically beneficial technology to be employed in all PSAPs and Central Stations. It has been very gratifying to hear the positive buzz from the attendees on these events as well as the follow-on sessions. It is our sincere hope that this event and the technology demonstrations and discussions associated with it will prove to be a point of departure for PSAPs and Central Stations to get on board with ASAP.”

CSAA Executive Director Jay Hauhn, right, presents a thank you gift to Safeguard's Mark Demler.

CSAA Executive Director Jay Hauhn, right, presents a thank you gift to Safeguard Vice President Mark Demler.

Find out more about ASAP.

Photos by Julie Webber and Becky Lane.

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