Bosch Brings Visual Intelligence to a New Level with Smart Solutions for Industries and Building Security at ISC West

At ISC West 2024, April 10-12, in booth 11053, Bosch will showcase solutions using visual and audio intelligence to enhance security, safety, and operations across industries, including energy and utilities, education, smart cities, and more. Edge-based application-specific analytics accurately detect, classify, and count objects, enabling the latest video cameras from Bosch to act as sensors, serving as the foundation for solutions that help secure perimeters, elevate safety for building occupants, and capture data for decision-making. With ongoing investments in AI resulting in an expanded suite of Intelligent Video Analytics Pro (IVA Pro) offerings, Bosch continues to increase the capabilities of its cameras to bring greater value for users.

For securing buildings, Bosch is adding to its video systems portfolio with new intelligent cameras and will launch the Commercial Series (Gen2) motion detectors that provide even better catch performance and false alarm immunity.

Enhance detection capabilities for improved critical site security and safety

Booth visitors will see solutions for detecting and deterring perimeter breaches at energy and utility sites. Bosch cameras with Intelligent Video Analytics Pro (IVA Pro) Perimeter provide long-range, accurate detection of people or objects, including intruders who crawl or hide in tall grass. Once detected, the analytics triggers a Bosch Mic moving camera to pan, tilt, and zoom to the object’s location and track its movements with IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking. Simultaneously, the detection turns on the camera’s white light illuminator and triggers an IP horn loudspeaker to play a message, informing the intruder that they are under surveillance. This automated solution helps to deter damage or theft.

Capture data to enhance safety and efficiency in smart cities

Artificial intelligence (AI) is improving safety in cities, enabling cameras to extend beyond monitoring to serve as sensors that help keep vehicle and pedestrian traffic flowing efficiently with automated incident detection and alerts. By streaming metadata, these intelligent sensors equip planners and engineers with information to make data-driven decisions that enhance safety. The new IQsight Data Fusion cloud-based service transforms unstructured raw video metadata into organized data for users to generate visual insights that support decision-making. Empowering them to harness the power of video data, it offers interactive dashboards with actionable information, options for exporting data in common formats, and direct API access for easy integration with common visualization tools for more advanced analysis. A versatile solution for smart cities and other industries – such as education and energy and utilities – it eliminates the need for costly data architects or added hardware for analysis.

For more data capture capabilities, Bosch will preview IVA Pro License Plate and IVA Pro Make Model, which adds license plate and vehicle make and model details to the metadata stream. IVA Pro License Plate provides plate recognition in low-speed vehicle access control and toll booth applications or in medium-speed environments, such as city surveillance and free-flowing traffic monitoring.

Pair video and audio AI for gun detection on school grounds

The Gun Detection System from Bosch is the first to pair video and audio AI for a multi-layered approach designed to detect guns at schools. When a person brandishing a gun approaches a school entrance, two Flexidome 5100i cameras with IVA Pro Visual Gun Detection are designed to promptly alert personnel. If a gun is not visually detected, the second layer – a Flexidome panoramic 5100i camera with Intelligent Audio Analytics – is designed to detect and classify gunshots while accurately estimating the direction from which they originate. The near-invisible camera-based system improves safety while offering a frictionless flow and welcoming atmosphere to promote learning.

Manage video events with on-premise or cloud-based offerings

Customers have the flexibility to manage analytic alarms and view associated video in the way that best fits their needs with on-premise and cloud-based solution options. The Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) offers the highest level of incident management capabilities and maximum resilience to deliver continuous live and playback of video for critical installations, such as for government sites and other high-security buildings. The new VideoView+ service provides instant event notifications to help users respond to alarms quickly. It is a lightweight and cost-effective cloud service for remote video surveillance that reduces hardware costs and infrastructure requirements for businesses with multiple sites. Bosch analytics also integrate seamlessly with solutions from industry partners, such as those from Milestone Systems and Genetec.

Secure building interiors and exteriors

AI-driven video systems and solutions can transform buildings into smart, efficient, and safe environments. The latest cameras from Bosch come with AI built-in and are suited for commercial to high-security buildings.

At ISC West, visitors will see the Flexidome micro 3100i dome camera with a discreet and compact design and the Dinion 3100i IR bullet camera, ideal for outdoor applications requiring a compact yet noticeable deterrent. The Dinion 5100i IR bullet camera ensures outdoor detection day and night with high image quality in low light and long-range infrared illumination. The Flexidome corner 7100i IR camera supports monitoring in enclosed spaces with a wide field of view without blind spots, excellent image quality in low light with invisible IR, and privacy masking for sensitive areas. Each camera comes pre-installed with IVA Pro Buildings that provides advanced intrusion detection in and around buildings.

Bosch will highlight how its cameras provide complete building security in outdoor and indoor areas, including entrances and lobbies, hallways and staircases, elevators, and more. An interactive booth demonstration will showcase how combining access control with Bosch cameras featuring IVA Pro Buildings helps to detect tailgating at entrances to high-security buildings or areas.

Making products smarter

To further enhance building security, the new Commercial Series (Gen2) motion detectors incorporate MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) sensors to deliver even better catch performance and false-alarm immunity. With the MEMS sensors, the Commercial Series (Gen2) understand their orientation and will provide a visual indication to alert the installer if a detector has been mounted upside down. The MEMS sensors also make it easier to identify tampering at the place of installation, such as if a person attempts to pull the detector off the wall or remove its brackets and swivel joints. These TriTech detectors offer a detection range of up to 15 meters and are suited for use inside commercial premises with a moderate to high security risk, such as office and factory buildings, banks, and retail stores.

Enhanced user interface

Fast, accurate, reliable response to emergency events is essential for building security. The CONETTIX B6800-SR Software Central Station Receiver is a software based IP receiving platform that features Bosch CONETTIX IP communication technology to receive alarm messages, process the data quickly,  and securely pass the information to the monitoring automation software. Operating on commercial off-the-shelf Windows software, B6800-SR is simple to install, use, and maintain. Now with an enhanced browser-based user interface,  there is no special software to install on the operators’ workstations.

Innovative intrusion technology

Special for ISC West 2024, the Bosch booth will also feature a new exhibit displaying intrusion product and software throughout the years. It will show product highlights from the past, current technology advancements in control panels, keypads, and sensors, and innovations in software that will enhance the customer experience and bring new value to building security through intrusion technology.

For more details on these products and solutions from Bosch, visit ISC West booth 11053.

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