Announces Innovations to Visual Verification announces new solutions that will empower monitoring station operators to make more informed decisions and expedite emergency response while supporting service providers with industry-leading solutions. For more than 20 years,’s technology has protected homes and businesses from intruders, vandalism, theft, and unexpected activity. Over the last year, has built a robust portfolio of Visual Verification features that enable a central station operator to more rapidly and thoroughly assess the emergency situation and expedite the appropriate response.

With the evolution of’s Visual Verification interface, operators will now have contextual indicators, live video feeds, and Video Analytics tools to help identify if there is a person or a perceived threat at a given location. By leveraging multiple data sources to understand the activity surrounding an alarm event, distills the information for the operator in the form of a Person On-Site Likelihood Indicator so that the operator may relay this critical information to first responders dispatched to the location.

“The Person On-Site Likelihood Indicator is the latest addition to Ambient Insights for Alarm Response, built to recognize activity around a property and deliver contextual information to monitoring stations in the event of an alarm. Leveraging the robust data set from our systems and making it easily digestible for the operator improves the experience and response for all involved during those critical moments,” said Adam Brandfass, Director of Product Management, Partner Tools and Operations at will continue to build on its Visual Verification interface with new indicators and proactive response options coming later this year. One of the enhancements, Unexpected Event Indicators, uses system data in and around the property to flag if events occurring during the alarm match normal behavior.

“ continues to push the security industry forward by incorporating both response and deterrence options. The ability to seamlessly add video to the alarm process deters crime, reduces false alarms, and helps us catch more offenders,” said Trey Alter, President and CEO of Dynamark Monitoring.

The collective offerings enhance’s integrated security platform and complement ongoing initiatives by security industry committees to speed and streamline alarm response, including The Monitoring Association’s Alarm Validation Standard (AVS-01). systems are professionally installed and monitored and are also available in select international markets. For more information on the broader ecosystem of products and services, visit

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