AICC News – Reminder: DC 202/771 Area Code Overlay

DOWNLOAD LETTER – This letter contains information about the District of Columbia 202/771 area code overlay as it relates to Alarm and Security Service Providers.

As co-chairs of the Industry’s DC 202/771 Area Code Overlay Implementation Committee, Karen Riepenkroger of T-Mobile and I would appreciate your assistance in sending out the attached letter to your membership reminding burglar and fire alarm companies and security providers of the start of mandatory 10-digit dialing in the DC 202 area on 10/9/2021.

It is imperative that alarm companies reprogram alarm panels in customers’ premises if they currently are programmed to dial out seven digits to reach the alarm monitoring bureau.  If they are dialing out seven digits now, they must be reprogrammed to dial out a ten-digit number which includes the 202 area code plus telephone number.

No change is needed if the alarm panels are currently dialing out ten-digits, or if they are dialing out a toll free number (800, 888, 844, etc.) to reach the alarm monitoring bureau.

More details are contained in the letter referenced above.  Please distribute this note and letter to all Alarm and Security Providers in the DC 202 area.

If you have any questions, please contact:

DC 202/771 Industry Committee Co-Chairs

Laura Dalton, Verizon

Karen Riepenkroger

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