Economic Insights: Is this a “Take this job and shove it” moment?

TMA member CIBC is pleased to share an article written by its Chief Economist Avery Shenfeld and Senior Economist Andrew Grantham. The article takes an up-close look at the current economy with specific focus on the changing workplace/workforce.


Alula’s BAT-Fire Universal 5G-Ready Fire Communicator

Alula introduced BAT-Fire, an innovative universal 5G-ready fire communicator for system integrators requiring an all-purpose, full-featured device. BAT-Fire builds on Alula’s long history of developing award-winning products and services. 

BAT-Fire offers easy configuration and support of all fire alarm control panels using dial-capture to report Contact ID signals, or flexible inputs for interfacing with dialer-less FACPs. Simply connect the communicator via its dual Tip & Ring Dial Capture, configure the panel and the system is ready to go. The new communicator provides sole path cellular (LTE-M) and IP or dual path communications. 

Previously, you may have needed one communicator for cellular communications and another for ethernet,” said Dave Mayne, Alula’s senior vice president, product and marketing. “Both are always available on BAT-Fire, and you can turn the cellular radio on or off if desired, something other communicators can’t do.”

BAT-Fire’s four programmable inputs or outputs allow monitoring of auxiliary building systems, such as the HVAC and sprinkler flow control, for increased RMR opportunities. There’s no need to redo battery calculations, as the new communicator is powered off the panel, using less current and eliminating the need for a different power supply or a bigger or secondary battery. 

BAT-Fire features remote troubleshooting and diagnostics. It also comes with Alula’s industry best Five-Year Warranty, so you can feel confident that your investment is well protected.

“We took our time designing BAT-Fire to meet the needs of a proven, mature and established market,” Mayne said. “BAT-Fire offers features that help reduce the total cost of ownership and reduce the complexity of fire communicator installations. Plus, with 5G capability, it eliminates typical hassles associated with cellular sunsets.” 

The BAT-Fire is now available through security and electrical distributors that carry Alula products.

CIBC Shares Bitcoin Blog and Investment News

CIBC’s Private Wealth Chief Investment Officer, Dave Donabedian published a multi-part series that focuses on cryptocurrency developments.

Read part 1: The Buzz about Bitcoin, news about cryptocurrency is everywhere, as are stories of fortunes being made.  Bitcoin appeared seemingly out of nowhere, 11 years ago, and has since become the fastest-growing, best-performing asset/currency in the world.

Let’s pull back the curtain and learn more about this phenomenon.

Read part 2: Bitcoin is a phenomenon: But is it a good investment?   Here, we tackle the question of Bitcoin’s investment merits. We will get into the core investment questions around Bitcoin, but first it’s important for an investor to understand the type of investment something like Bitcoin represents in a portfolio.


Also, CIBC Private Wealth posts a 1-page monthly investment bulletin that highlights the key drivers impacting the financial markets in prior month (November) and the items to watch in next month (December).  CIBCs Investment Bulletin December 2021

Electronic Security Systems Market – Forecasts from 2021 to 2026 Released

The following are topline results from Research and Markets latest security industry report:

– The electronic system security market was valued at US$46.167 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.28% over the forecast period to reach a total market size of US$95.442 billion in 2026

– One of the biggest markets in the technology segment is the surveillance market and it has tremendous growth prospects globally as well as in India

– Investments and new technology in electronic security are driving the market. In India, this sector has attracted strong investment in the form of FDI inflows. Companies in India are planning to invest in production, distribution, and R&D in the upcoming years

– The increase in terror activities globally has raised alarms for increasing the security services. For example, if we talk about terrorism, India ranks sixth out of 162 countries in terms of terrorism. The number of incidents of killing were 476 in 2018. 2019 recorded 1,787 terrorism-linked incidents

– Companies mentioned in this report include; FrontPoint Security Solutions, ADT LLC, Link Interactive, Vivint Inc., Zicom Electronic Security Systems Limited, Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH, Protect America Inc., Axis Communications AB, Honeywell Security and A2 Systems LLC

Find out more:
Electronic Security Systems Market – Forecasts from 2021 to 2026

TMA Dispatch – Winter issue now available!

The latest issue of the TMA Dispatch is now available for you to download or read online.

This issue’s highlights:

  • TMA’s new President provides an outline of his goals for his tenue.
  • Gain a new perspective on hiring and retention.
  • Thinking about selling your business? Find out how to best prepare!
  • Find out what residential customers looking for in smart home services (and how you can grow your profits!).
  • How can you up your customer service game? Hear from one of TMA’s members.

Plus more!

Virginia 757/948 Area Code Overlay Relief Implementation Committee Announcement

Please see the attached information about the Virginia 757/948 area code overlay as it relates to actions that may need to be taken by providers of Alarm, Security, and Elevator equipment.

It is imperative that alarm, security, and elevator alarm companies reprogram alarm panels in their customers’ premises if they currently are programmed to dial out seven digits to reach the alarm monitoring bureau.  If they are dialing out seven digits now, they must be reprogrammed to dial out a ten-digit number which includes the 757 area code plus telephone number.

As co-chairs of the Industry’s Virginia 757/948 Area Code Overlay Relief Implementation Committee, we are pleased to share the attached information to advise your company of the start of mandatory 10-digit dialing on 4/9/2022.

This reminder notice is similar to the letters that were sent to you on May 15, 2021 and September 3, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Laura Dalton and Nicole Febles

Co-Chairs for the VA 757/948 Area Code Overlay Industry Committee

Laura Dalton, Verizon                        Nicole Febles, T-Mobile
914-821-9686                                    973-960-0913  


Congratulate TMA’s Virtual OPSTech Game Winners

Join in congratulating the winners of TMA’s 2021 Virtual OPSTech games!

OPSTech 2021 Virtual Game Prize Winners

Virtual Registration Bag Contest

1st Prize – $75 Amazon Gift Card

Austin Mayo; Vigilante Security

2nd Prize – $50 Amazon Gift Card

Wanda Griffith; The Protection Bureau

3rd Prize – $25 Amazon Gift Card

Bob Finocchioli; Evolon


Photo Contest

1st Prize – $75 Amazon Gift Card

Wanda Griffith; The Protection Bureau

 2nd Prize – $50 Amazon Gift Card

James Marcella; Axis

3rd Prize – $25 Amazon Gift Card

Kim Schremp; CenterPoint Technologies


Leaderboard Contest

1st Prize – $100 Amazon Gift Card

Austin Mayo; Vigilante Security

2nd Prize – $75 Amazon Gift Card

Wanda Griffith; The Protection Bureau

3rd Prize – $50 Amazon Gift Card

Kim Schremp; CenterPoint Technologies

Telguard Wins SSI 2021 Stellar Service Award

Telguard’s Customer Service and Technical Support teams won the 2021 Security Sales & Integration Magazine’s Supplier Stellar Service Award. Congratulations to the Telguard’s Atlanta-based team who provide expert service and tech support to our customers so their customers’ professionally-monitored assets, property and lives are secure.