CIBC Shares Bitcoin Blog and Investment News

CIBC’s Private Wealth Chief Investment Officer, Dave Donabedian published a multi-part series that focuses on cryptocurrency developments.

Read part 1: The Buzz about Bitcoin, news about cryptocurrency is everywhere, as are stories of fortunes being made.  Bitcoin appeared seemingly out of nowhere, 11 years ago, and has since become the fastest-growing, best-performing asset/currency in the world.

Let’s pull back the curtain and learn more about this phenomenon.

Read part 2: Bitcoin is a phenomenon: But is it a good investment?   Here, we tackle the question of Bitcoin’s investment merits. We will get into the core investment questions around Bitcoin, but first it’s important for an investor to understand the type of investment something like Bitcoin represents in a portfolio.


Also, CIBC Private Wealth posts a 1-page monthly investment bulletin that highlights the key drivers impacting the financial markets in prior month (November) and the items to watch in next month (December).  CIBCs Investment Bulletin December 2021

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