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New Tool Assists TMA to Better Understand Member Needs

You may have noticed that in February we launched a member engagement campaign using our new tool PropFuel. PropFuel is the conversational engagement platform that helps associations turn broadcast communications into conversations. The year-long member campaign is intended to better understand the needs of members and provide relevant information based on individual responses. The questions were created to take only a moment to respond. The campaign includes all TMA members, we hope you will participate.

From the staff’s perspective the tool acts as a virtual assistant… so we like to introduce Poppy, TMA’s newest team member! Poppy has been in the association world since 2016, and is passionate about finding ways for organizations to add value and engage more effectively with members.

Throughout the year you can expect to see a few different campaigns using PropFuel, the intent is to connect members to the right content, products, and services to meet their specific needs. You may choose to unsubscribe from a campaign at any time.

For questions please contact Illeny Maaza, Director or Membership and Programs, membership@tma.us or Tara Compher, Program and Administration Coordinator.