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Immix Introduces Site-Link

Immix is pleased to introduce Site-Link, a new solution that serves as an ‘easy button’ for integrators and monitoring centers to instantly connect the technology at any site to Immix. Site-Link simplifies and expedites the set-up process to begin providing monitoring services and generating RMR quickly without the need for IT assistance.

The Immix Site-Link module allows Immix to ingest leading-edge technology into the platform directly. This way of connecting removes the need for port-forwarding, alleviating in-depth networking discussions. This solution closes the gap between system integration and monitoring, enabling an easier overall installation.

Immix is proud to announce it has chosen Camect as the first-ever Site-Link partner to power this solution. This in-depth integration will allow Immix clients to leverage Camect’s revolutionary solutions that enhance security, surveillance, and operational efficiency.

“We’re thrilled to unveil this game-changing new way to connect. This solution will fast-track the implementation of video monitoring services for Immix clients. Collaborating with Camect was an easy choice as their forward-thinking technology married with the team’s expertise and eagerness to tackle this industry roadblock made them the ideal choice to launch Site-Link. With Site-Link, we are not just meeting the industry’s needs – we are surpassing them, creating a future where video monitoring is not only powerful but also accessible and agile,” states Immix CEO, Chris Brown.

Solution Overview

The cornerstone of the Site-Link solution is its full-featured integration with the Immix platform which simplifies and expedites the setup process, bypassing the need for port-forwarding and allowing central stations to begin services more quickly. Camect’s Smart Camera Hubs will serve as the connector to “link” sites to Immix, allowing integrators to take advantage of legacy systems without sacrificing functionality. Simplified and intuitive configuration will seamlessly integrate a site into Immix, standardizing the onboarding experience and feature set.

The Camect Smart Camera Hub

Camect is committed to delivering solutions that redefine industry standards and empower integrators, dealers, and monitoring centers to scale their services more efficiently and effectively.

Key Features:

  • Quick setup, no firewall configuration, and works with any IP camera with Onvif or RTSP.
  • Powerful AI with an elevated level of accuracy and can classify more than thirty unique object types.
  • Allows users to take control of unknown variables, reducing unnecessary bandwidth consumption as well as unnecessary or false alarms that do not represent a threat to the customer, which can have a substantial impact on a monitoring center and create unneeded strain on their labor resources.
  • Camect provides elevated security by storing and analyzing video locally.
  • The Camect Smart Camera Hubs also have 1TB – 4TB of storage that can be expanded with external hard disks or network attached storage.

Sentry AI and Immix Announce New Collaboration

Sentry AI and Immix announced a collaboration to deliver human-like AI to monitoring, enabling them to supercharge their operators, lower costs, and add new revenue streams.

With this new integration, monitoring centers can now upgrade their video monitoring operations on the Immix platform by simply selecting “Sentry AI” in the AI Link setting. The integration allows monitoring centers to offer video monitoring services to a much larger user base as it significantly decreases time and cost wasted in handling false alarms.

A highlight of the joint solution is cutting-edge technologies infused with unique Situational Awareness capabilities. The solution perceives and comprehends camera data, considers historical patterns, and builds spatial and temporal context, all the way down to the camera level. The built-in self-learning component improves accuracy even more with time. This helps to deliver false alarm filtering, reaching 99% in many cases, freeing up the operators to respond quickly to true alarms.

Monitoring centers and security dealers will also benefit from the AI-powered camera matching and health check alerts to notify them when the camera system needs to be serviced.

To provide more information about the joint solution, Sentry AI and Immix will be hosting a webinar on March 1 at 11:00 AM EST. Please register for the webinar at https://smartsentry.ai/sentry-ai-immix-launch-webinar.

Immix® Adds Two Industry Veterans to Leadership Team

Immix® announced two new additions to its leadership team. Tina Simolaris joined the company in January as Director, Global Customer Success and Mark McCall was added on February 1 as Director, Global Operations. Both bring extensive experience and unique capabilities to Immix.

“I am very pleased and excited to expand the leadership team with the background and pedigree that Tina Simolaris and Mark McCall bring to Immix,” said Immix CEO Chris Brown. “Immix has aggressive growth plans over the coming years with a surgical focus on elite level client support. Both Mark and Tina embody the professional characteristics Immix seeks and will work in partnership to redefine the ‘Immix customer experience.’ Both bring a library of industry knowledge, including fist hand experience of being a Immix client. We are quite fortunate to be able to benefit from their expertise as we continue to lead the way in enabling clients to succeed and grow RMR through remote video and event-based monitoring services.”

With more than 25 years in senior management roles in command center, call center and central station environments, along with being an Immix customer three times, Tina Simolaris has established a successful professional career helping clients across a broad spectrum of industries be successful. Her knowledge and expertise have helped shape and develop all types of “centers” including Video, Call, Alarm, GPS, and more. Simolaris has run the gamut in her career, from helping true “greenfield” startups, to reshaping distressed centers, to running large operations, she has led by example and has become a recognized leader in the industry. In her role at Immix, Tina will advocate for all clients, supporting their needs to help them achieve higher levels of success and improve business and operational efficiency.


Mark McCall joins Immix and will lead the global operations teams, including customer support operations. With more than 20 years in the electronic security industry, including stints with Global Guardian, United Central Control (UCC) and, most recently, Stanley Security, McCall has vast experience in monitoring operations, including video and audio monitoring solutions, corporate security, and systems design to go along with strong information technology and executive level administration skills as well as project/program management. McCall is active in The Monitoring Association (TMA) on various committees, including AICC, Contract Monitoring, UL and others. He currently chairs the AVS-01 Standard Committee. He has also been involved in past activities for PPVAR, including chairing the committee that developed the Video Monitoring Best Practices white paper.

Immix® Partners with Techevolution to Provide UL 827A Compliance

Immix® announced a partnership with Techevolution, a technology hosting solutions and managed IT services provider, that will allow Immix central station and security operations center (SOC) customers to monitor and manage sites and facilities that fall under the 827A standard for security and life safety applications. Techevolution is the only data center that does not also provide central station or SOC services that holds the 827A designation.

UL 827A permits existing UL-listed centers, hosted by Techevolution to earn the additional UL 827A listing. This addition provides the guidance for a UL 827A-listed central station to offer alternative methods related to the structure, location, and implementation of their software and/or hardware, including new options on the hosting placement and the location of their servers, software, central station receivers, and telephone systems.

“In an industry with requirements as stringent as that of the security and life safety industry, Immix is very pleased to be able to offer our customers a choice in how they deploy their infrastructure and operations,” said Immix CEO Chris Brown. “Our UL partner stations can now choose to partner with a data center in North America that is 827A compliant; thus, eliminating the need to possibly have to partner with a competitor center or spend a great deal of expense and resources to stand up their own environment.”

Under 827-A, monitoring centers using Immix can choose to adopt a central station host structure through Techevolution to include hosting automation systems, telephone systems, and even receivers in a remote location. An essential benefit is that a hosting service can relieve some of the burden from the central station, alleviating the need for IT staff experts or incurred costs of routine hardware and software licensing and upgrades. Outsourcing allows the central station to focus its resources on service delivery to its customers.

In addition, this Immix – Techevolution partnership fills an essential gap for central stations that eclipse the UL-mandated monitoring equivalent weight (MEW) factor. Central stations with a certain alarm activity factor that are mandated to maintain fully redundant operations can now choose to partner with a UL 827A-listed hosting provider.