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The New DICE Awarded Patent for its Cybersecure Automated Network Management Tool

The New DICE has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 1,863,534 for its groundbreaking Cybersecure Automated Network Management Tool. This game-changing technology automates, streamlines, and manages on-site devices, delivering unparalleled security and ease-of-use for the security industry. The patent was issued on January 2, 2024.

The Cybersecure Automated Network Management Tool transforms network management and eliminates the complex, manual setup processes that plagued traditional systems. It automatically maps networks, registers devices (including cameras and alarms), and configures them for secure VPN connections – all without the need for opening ports, punching firewall holes, or managing multiple tools. Dealers simply name the camera, create zones, and the system seamlessly comes online.

This innovation benefits everyone in the security ecosystem. Dealers save time and money with effortless site management and eliminate complex configuration hassles. Central stations and command centers gain efficient oversight of all connected devices through a centralized platform. In addition, with the new AVS-01 standard, law enforcement will have improved resource allocation and call prioritization during emergencies.

The DICE Cybersecure Automated Network Management Tool is just one piece of the company’s commitment to AVS-01 compliance and industry advancement. Company CEO Cliff Dice explains, “This patent, along with our AVS-integrated products, will revolutionize the security industry and empower first responders with advanced standards not found elsewhere.

“As a leader in the alarm and video automation space, we developed this new level of network management of on-site devices including cameras and alarms that provides powerful cybersecure Virtual Private Network services, connecting end user sites to monitoring stations through automated and seamless installation, registration, and configuration of any monitored device.”

By using this patent, installers have a much easier time installing and connecting cameras to the professional monitoring industry. They can access the Cybersecure Automated Network Management Tool through central stations with Matrix Interactive.

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The New DICE Launches Video and IoT Analytics Premium Global Partner Program

The New DICE has developed a new video and IoT analytics premium global partner program to provide central stations and integrators with the option to combine advanced AI analytics technologies with DICE’s advanced interactive and video services in Matrix Interactive.

Matrix Interactive is a cloud-based event management software with interactive video, analytics, and artificial intelligence. The Matrix engine uses several third party’s multi-billion-dollar technologies embedded into the platform, providing true AI analytics going beyond motion detection and basic video verification. Configuration of areas of interest is done in Matrix to add flexibility such as scheduling to the partner’s analytics.

While Matrix Interactive has its own analytics, it is an open and generic platform for DICE partners and by integrating Matrix Interactive with other company’s analytics, monitoring stations and command centers can add new levels of security as well as advanced interactive and video services into their monitoring operations.

“Actually, we have hundreds of technology partners and many thousands of products that interface with Matrix,” explained Avi Lupo, co-president of The New DICE. “The world is changing, and it is essential to have an open platform that supports any technology partner and not through APIs which is limiting.”

The DICE open platform opens the gateway into central stations and command centers with the ability to provide new interactive video monitoring services. For integrators, this means there is no need to change the analytic company they are currently using to take advantage of these new services, but instead have the flexibility to pick and choose – and even add other analytic technologies from a variety of partners.

“With Matrix Interactive, the industry is not limited in choosing an analytic technology today,” said Lupo. “We are choosing our partners carefully. The integration with the high-end analytics from our premium partners provides new benefits and resources designed to bring more options to our growing Matrix Interactive ecosystem as the security industry races to keep pace with what we call the ‘new alarm industry.’”

The event flow of video and IoT devices takes advantage of both Matrix Interactive and each partner’s unique analytic technology. IP cameras and devices are easily configured within Matrix Interactive. Upon an event, the event is first sent to DICE’s server cloud Gate Keeper, which eliminates the amount of traffic to the partners. The pertinent events are then sent to the appropriate partner, which then analyzes the event in real time and then sends back the verified alarm to Matrix to then send to the central station operator. Matrix Interactive utilizes an event system flow like an alarm system, using virtual video zones. Subscribers can even arm and disarm the video zone.

With this program, the industry will realize access to the growing marketplace of video service solutions, unlock new revenue opportunities, and have a competitive edge in accelerating their customers’ digital transformation with enhanced security and better customer experiences.

The growing list of video and IoT analytic premium partners includes Actuate, Calipsa, Cawamo, Corsight, IronYun, M2M, Rhombs, Sentry AI, and Speco. Each of the partners will have information on integration with Matrix Interactive at their ISC West Booth, including postcards and brochures. There will be a QR code link to a landing page explaining more about Matrix Interactive, the analytic technology of each partner and the benefits of the integration and partnership.

“Our new global partner program is a game changer, which offers significant value and will maximize our partners’ ability to take advantage of Matrix Interactive’s solutions,” added Lupo.

For more information on DICE Corporation, visit www.dicecorp.com or call 989-891-2800.