Nationwide Monitoring Bill Survey

June 24, 2014

To: Central Station Owners

From:  CSAA Contract Monitoring Council

Re: Nationwide Monitoring Bill Survey

If your company provides alarm monitoring services to alarm dealers and/or end-users in multiple states, then you are aware of the challenges associated with obtaining proper licensing for your alarm monitoring company and your alarm dispatchers. Not only do the costs of repeatedly supplying fingerprint cards and background checks create a logistical challenge and financial burden, in many cases, the expensive and time-consuming training/testing requirements for monitoring personnel is not even relevant to the tasks that they perform on a daily basis.

To combat these and the other issues associated with individual state licenses for alarm monitoring companies, the CSAA Contract Monitoring Council represented by the Alarm Industry Communication Committee (AICC) has explored a bill, the “Alarm Monitoring Model Licensing Act.” The Council believes that a nationwide licensing bill would be very beneficial to central station monitoring companies; however, the passage of such legislation is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, and funding is needed from the companies that will benefit from this legislation. At this time, funding for this effort has been exhausted, and the Council is not seeing sufficient interest in continuing the effort.

After several years of outreach, the Council would like to know of your interest in and support for pursuing this agenda. Please help us by completing the short survey at  .

The survey questions are:

  1. Are you interested in CSAA pursuing this nationwide monitoring bill?
  2. Will you contact your Senator or Congressperson on behalf of this effort?
  3. Will you participate in communications and other activities to help promote this bill to Congress?
  4. Will your company contribute financially?
  5. Will you personally contribute to a PAC for this effort?
  6. Should CSAA stop pursuing this initiative?

Thank you for your participation. Your response will be kept confidential, though you will be asked for contact information. Questions? Contact Elizabeth Lasko at CSAA –