CSAA Education Program Answers Members’ Demand for Up-to-Date Operator Training

Revised Level One Operator Training Course to Launch in 2016

More than 20,000 people in 30+ countries have registered for CSAA Online Training. CSAA members have been clamoring for the all-important Level 1 Online Operator Training course to be updated to reflect today’s central station environment. That demand is about to be answered as CSAA prepares for the launch of the revised course in summer 2016.

Watch our video summary below. 

“Education is one of the CSAA programs that brings the most value to members, and one of our most important focus areas,” said CSAA Executive Director Jay Hauhn. “With the coming launch of the revised course, CSAA has made great strides in providing education opportunities that are of value to our members and their employees.”

The Level 1 review and revision began some 18 months ago and resulted in a complete reorganization of all the course content. The original plan to simply correct dated content was changed when it became apparent that both the content and the student interface were in need of overhaul.

The new modules are:

  1. Industry Overview
  2. Code of Excellence
  3. The Alarm Process
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Technology and Professional Monitoring
  6. Automated Security Alarm Protocol (ASAP)
  7. NRTLs and Industry Standards
  8. Disaster Preparedness

 “The first two modules have been updated to reflect the current industry and to emphasize the importance of professionalism and integrity in the Central Station,” said CSAA Education Committee Co-Chair Teresa Gonzalez, President, UCC. “Modules 4 and 6 on communication have been combined and renamed Effective Communication. In addition to a complete update of the Technology module, a separate module on ASAP has been added. Revision recommendations were incorporated from ETL, FM Approvals and UL for Module 7.  And Module 8 on Emergency Procedures was revised and renamed Disaster Preparedness.”


Course Capture

To see the CSAA members who generously have given their time and expertise to the Level 1 revision project, check out your Summer 2016 issue of CSAA Dispatch. Stay tuned for updates on the launch date of the course later this summer.

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