CSAA Releases Results of Survey of Central Station Monitoring Companies’ Wage and Salary Practices

CSAA International has released the results of the 2013 Wage and Salary Survey, which will assist businesses within the industry with competitive compensation practices. The survey is the most extensive snapshot of industry practices to date.

The purpose of the survey is to assist monitoring companies with hiring and compensation decisions.  “The information gathered will be very useful to central station companies looking to impro2014-WageSalaryPractices-Iconve or expand their businesses,” said CSAA Past President Bud Wulforst, who was instrumental in the development of the survey. “If, for instance, you are a national monitoring company, how do you know what is a fair and competitive wage in Missouri vs. California? And what if you are only monitoring video, as opposed to fire, burglary, PERS, temperature, or other monitoring outlets? This survey will help get you that data.”

The data will be particularly useful to the human resources staff at alarm companies.

The survey collected information from the year 2013 in the following areas:

  • Demographic Data
  • Types of Monitoring
  • Executive & Operational Management
  • Central Station, Office, Sales, and Marketing Positions
  • Dealer & Customer Support, Data
  • IT & Telecom Services
  • Benefits Packages
  • Position Descriptions

Confidential participation was open to all monitoring companies—both CSAA members and non-members. The survey was created by the CSAA Contract Council and was facilitated by Barnes Associates, an advisory and consulting firm that specializes in the security alarm industry.

“This survey is an example of CSAA volunteers working to create resources that will be invaluable to all our members,” said CSAA President Jay Hauhn. “We especially thank the leadership of the Contract Monitoring Council for the efforts they made to gather the content. And a very special thank you goes to Barnes Associates for the extraordinary work they did to assemble the data in such a user-friendly format.”

To purchase the survey results, visit http://csaaintl.org/csaa-wage-salary-survey/ .

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