State Farm’s Joe Miskulin, Valued TMA Volunteer and Contributor, to Retire

CaptureJoe Miskulin, long-time manager of State Farm Insurance’s proprietary central station, announced he will retire on June 29. Miskulin, who has been with State Farm for nearly 40 years, is one of the founding members of the TMA Proprietary Council, which started in 1999 with a change in the association’s bylaws permitting not-for-profit central stations to become regular members. He has served as a member of the TMA Board of Directors and as co-chair of the TMA Education Committee and was instrumental in planning the annual Fall Operations Management Seminar.

“State Farm was the first proprietary central station voted into the association, so I had a front row seat into the birth and growth of the CSAA Proprietary Council, of which I was honored to serve as president for several years,” said Miskulin. “My friendship with Pam Petrow introduced me to the Education Committee, which I had the pleasure of chairing for 6 years. That led to chairing the Operation Track of ESX, which introduced me to the real movers and shakers of our industry, who served as mentors to me throughout my career. For those who volunteered to make our annual Fall Operation Management meetings the huge success that they are, I am forever grateful.”

For his many valuable contributions to TMA and the industry, Miskulin received the TMA President’s Award in 2016. “The highlight of my professional career has been my association with the outstanding folks in the alarm industry,” said Miskulin. “I was humbled to be honored with the CSAA President’s Award in 2016, and leave knowing that our association is in great hands.”