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CSAA Seeks Volunteers for Emerging Technologies Standards Effort

The Central Station Alarm Association seeks Subject Matter Experts to help define and write several new standards around new and emerging technologies:

  • GPS / Mobile services including mPERS
  • Active Shooter systems
  • Video Technology
  • Telehealth
  • Home Automation
  • Mass Notification systems

The focus for these standards will be to define how these systems and devices are handled within the alarm monitoring environments — and then ultimately how PSAPs and other responders will interact with alarm monitoring centers and the subscribers using these services.

In addition to alarm monitoring experts, we are specifically looking for SMEs from the public sectors including PSAP staff, fire/medical services, and law enforcement. It’s crucial to have all the stakeholders represented in these processes.

This would require a monthly commitment of no more than two to three hours, with a single one-hour conference call each month. No travel is required — all meetings will be done via phone calls and/or remote video conferencing.

If you are willing to help or have questions, please contact the Chair of the Emerging Technologies Committee, Morgan Hertel, at mhertel@rrms.com or 877-553-4531.