Law Enforcement Support for ASAP-to-PSAP

At ISC West in April, a panel of law enforcement officers took the stage to discuss “Verified Alarms and Priority Response” presented by the Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR). A big part of the conversation was ASAP-to-PSAP. Check out the video to hear Chief Chris Vinson of Highland Park, TX, Chair of the Texas Police Chiefs Alarm Committee, and Commander Scott Edson of Los Angeles weigh in on the ASAP program and its benefits.


ASAP Resources

Verified Alarms Lead to Priority Response

Attending ISC West this month? Then you have a golden opportunity to learn from law enforcement how verified alarms lead to priority response. 

FreePPVAR 1 Session Sponsored by PPVAR: April 16, 4-6:00 PM 

Sheriffs and police chiefs from across the country come together on a panel hosted by the PPVAR (Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response) to share how video verified alarms impact alarm response in their communities.  A key focus will be law enforcement’s perspective on how the PPVAR’s new BEST PRACTICES strengthen the partnership between the “alarm industry” and “law enforcement” to deliver arrests and safer communities – with more RMR and stickier customers.

  • Discover how law enforcement view video verified alarms as a “force multiplier” to help them combat property crime and build public/private partnerships to be more effective in community policing.
  • Better understand how priority response and arrests impact loss control and impact property/casualty insurers.
  • Align your alarm company with leading industry experts as they underscore the benefits and value of video verified alarms from separate and unique perspectives.

Reception following! More information.