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Centennial, CO Alarm Operator Who Saved Aurora Woman from Attacker Wins National Award

Susan Farris of Security Central in Centennial was recognized June 25 as the Central Station Operator of the Year by the national Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA).

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L-R: CSAA President Pam Petrow, Susan Farris, and SDM Editor Laura Stepanek. Photo by A Day in the Life Productions.

The annual CSAA Excellence Awards, co-sponsored by SDM Magazine, highlight members of the security and fire alarm industry who make outstanding contributions to the safety and welfare of the customers they serve. Ms. Farris accepted her award at the annual CSAA awards banquet, held this year in Baltimore, MD. She was noted for her role in saving an Aurora woman from an armed assailant during a home invasion spree.

“We are very proud of Susan. Her quick action and expertise gave our client the advanced warning she needed to defend herself when the knife-wielding intruder barged through her bedroom door,” stated Jordan Jackson, president of Security Central.  He continued, “All of our Quick-C.A.R.E. Responders know that any alarm signal we receive could represent a life or death situation, so every second counts.”

Kathy Taillon, the victim of the home invasion, still shudders when she recalls the incident, “I hate to think what would have happened to me if I hadn’t had my alarm on.”

The intruder broke into three homes in an Aurora townhome complex the night of September 1, 2014, attacking and assaulting two other women before being arrested as he fled Taillon’s home.

Farris, in her typical humble fashion, reacted to her award by saying, “I’m shocked! I was just doing my job. It is really Security Central that deserves the award. Any one of my teammates would have done the same thing.”

Security Central provides electronic security and fire alarm solutions and monitoring services from their 24-hour Quick-C.A.R.E. facility near I-25 and Arapahoe Rd. For more information, visit securitycentralinc.com.