Capitalize Your Customers’ Experiences: Meet CSAA Annual Meeting Speaker Dennis Snow

Snow, Dennis- HR PhotoNoted speaker, trainer and consultant Dennis Snow is the author of the book Lessons from the Mouse: A Guide for Applying Disney World’s Secrets of Success to Your Organization, Your Career, and Your Life. His customer service abilities were honed over 20 years with the Walt Disney World Company. There, he developed his passion for service excellence and the experience he brings clients and audiences worldwide. Today, Snow helps organizations including banks, universities and hospitals achieve goals related to customer service, employee development and leadership. He will present the featured session “Capitalizing Customer Experiences” at the CSAA Annual Meeting on October 25 in Marco Island, FL.

CSAATell CSAA members how you came to be interested in customer service.
Snow: My passion for the subject comes from my years working at Walt Disney World. The philosophy at Walt Disney World is this: “We’re not selling rides. We’re selling an experience.” And the service provided by every cast member is a big part of that experience.

CSAA: What can CSAA Annual Meeting participants expect from your session, “Capitalizing Customer Experiences”?
Snow: They’ll learn about the core elements of an outstanding customer experience, tools for improving the customer experience, and how to engage their employees in continuous service improvement.

CSAA: What will CSAA members will take away from your presentation?
Snow: Specific tools they can apply in their organizations.

CSAA: Can you share a sneak preview of a data point that you use to help managers/companies evaluate their customer service? 
Snow: A study showed that 68% of customers who defect from a company do so because of poor service. When that 68% was asked to define poor service, they defined it as “an attitude of indifference on the part of the company.” We can never take our customers for granted. It’s the difference between doing our work with a task mentality (which makes customers feel processed) versus doing our work with an experience mentality (which makes customers feel valued).

Marco-Island-Logo_vertCSAA: What is something you have found really surprising in your work with companies in your career?
Snow: I think the biggest surprise is the number of companies that have never really defined what they want the customer experience to be. There’s no clear vision of what’s expected, and the result is inconsistent performance.

CSAA: Are you an alarm system owner? 
Snow: I’ve been an alarm system owner for 26-years, and in all that time have triggered the alarm accidentally only about four times. I’m very proud!

CSAA: Tell us something about yourself that drives or influences the way you do business.
Snow: I have many, many books about Walt Disney, and when I need a dose of inspiration I know I can always open any of those books to any page. Walt died when I only seven years old, but no one else (other than my family) has such a big impact on my life.

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Cyber Security is Focus of Just-Announced Technology Session at CSAA Annual Meeting

Don’t miss this just-announced technology session at the upcoming CSAA Annual Meeting. Haven’t registered yet? Early bird rates end September 9 — register today!

Cyber Security is a Business Risk (Not Just an IT Risk)

Wednesday, October 26
10:45 am–12:00 pm

Presenters: Justin Bailey, COO, AvantGuard; Todd Neilson, President, Secuvant Security Services; Sascha Kylau, Vice President of Central Station Solutions & Service, Onetel; Steve Butkovich, Chief Technology Officer, CPI Security Systems

When your security is compromised, it’s not just an IT issue, it’s a business issue. Poor security management can lead to loss of business revenue, profits, customers and reputations. The costs to mitigate a breach, address potential lawsuits, provide proper notification, and pay fines can be painful. You need to be prepared!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Many business owners are in the same situation. This session focuses on how to get started on building an effective cyber security plan for your business. Technology helps us identify and manage many of these issues, but is only a portion of your overall security maturity or posture. Effective cyber security is also dependent on security policies, awareness training, insurance protection, incident response plans, effective data storage backups and access to security experts when needed. Our four experts from the security industry will share their knowledge about these elements and help you prioritize and develop an action plan for your business.



JBailey (2)Prior to entering the security industry, Justin Bailey spent more than a decade developing technologies for some of the largest companies in the world including Walmart and Honeywell. Since joining AvantGuard 6 years ago, he has learned the industry through experience in both technology and operations. He led the technology teams responsible for creating the state of the art redundancy employed among AvantGuard’s locations, and he guided the central station through a marked improvement in operational efficiency while more than doubling total accounts monitored.  In March 2014 he was named the COO of AvantGuard and is now responsible for all functions.

Steve Butkovich headshotSteve Butkovich is a security and information technology leader working for CPI Security Systems headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.  As a 16-year veteran of the security industry and current CTO for CPI Security Systems, he has directly managed Service Operations, Customer Care, Central Station and Information Technology Teams during his tenure at CPI.  Today Butkovich works to manage technology service providers, vendors and manufacturers to identify, develop and maintain technology solutions allowing CPI to better serve its customers with superior service and high value security and home automation solutions for their homes and businesses. He understands the importance of technology to all facets of the business and works closely with CPI Leaders in Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Installation, Monitoring, Quality Control and Service to utilize and implement new technology tools and solutions to support the goals of the business.

Sascha Kylau headshotSascha Kylau has 18 years of experience in the security field specializing in communication technologies. He started as an engineer with Sur-Gard and held various positions including sales engineer, global product manager and global sales manager. He recently joined Onetel Security, a services company which builds custom voice and data services for the central station market. He is a seasoned public speaker on such topics as central station receivers, VoIP, IP Technology and telecommunications. Kylau is keenly involved in the security industry and participates as an active member of AICC (Alarm Industry Communications Committee), SIA (Security Industry Association) and CSAA (Central Station Alarm Association). He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering.

Todd Neilson is the Co-founder and President of Secuvant Security Services located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Secuvant is an independent cyber security serviceTodd Neilson Head Shots firm specializing in risk management, business enablement and managed security services for the SMB and mid-market.  Neilson has been a security professional for over 30 years working for Sprint, US West, Nokia, Computer Associates and IBM.  Prior to co-founding Secuvant, Todd was the VP of North America for CA Te
chnologies Security Practice, advising Fortune 100 clients around the world on their Cyber Security needs. Neilson has many certifications, recognitions and awards including being a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).







CSAA Committee Meetings Schedule at 2016 Annual Meeting

CSAA committee chairs have expressed their desire for more cross-communication between committees. To accommodate this request, at the upcoming CSAA Annual Meeting several committees will meet jointly.

The committee meeting schedule is:

Sunday, October 23, 2016,  9:30am-12:15pm

9:30am – 11:00am           Membership/NRTL/Five Diamond/Marketing & Communications
9:30am – 11:00am           Education/Legal Affairs/Technology
9:30am – 11:00am           Government Relations/PSLC/Standards
11:15am-12:15pm             Associate
11:15am-12:15pm            ASAP Outreach/Business

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How to Be a Bankable Leader: Interview with CSAA Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker Tasha Eurich

Marco-Island-Logo_vertCSAA is pleased to present Dr. Tasha Eurich, keynote speaker at the upcoming Annual Meeting in Marco Island, FL. “Tasha Eurich understands the importance of our industry. She and her family have been devoted alarm users for more than 30 years,” says Security Central, Inc. (Centennial, CO) President Jordan Jackson. “Her personal security experiences blended with her professional leadership expertise make her the perfect keynote speaker for this year’s conference. We have been utilizing the leadership principles she shares in her fantastic book Bankable Leadership, and what a difference it has made! Don’t miss your opportunity to transform your business with Tasha Eurich’s intriguing insights into leadership, business, and security!”

Read on to find out what you can learn from Dr. Eurich in Marco Island in October, and register now for the CSAA Annual Meeting!

CSAA: So just what is a “bankable leader”?

Eurich: As an organizational psychologist, I’ve devoted the last 15 years of my life to making bosses better—from start-ups to the Fortune 100, and in almost every Tasha Eurich low resindustry. And no matter their level or position or business, there’s one common denominator that all leaders face: the tension between engaging and retaining their people and driving results for their business.

Bankable Leaders, put simply, successfully manage the tension between people and results. And even though the best leaders do both, this balancing act is easier said than done. Most leaders tend to favor one over the other: some favor the people side—what I call the Cool Parent leaders—who are so focused on making sure everyone’s happy and that everyone likes them that nobody gets anything done. But even more fall on the other side, favoring results—the Trail of Dead Bodies leaders—who focus on outcomes at all costs. And though they might produce short term results, it’s not a matter of if their results will crumble but when. My belief, supported by decades of academic research—is that not only are most leaders out of balance, but they rarely know that this is the case!

CSAA: Tell CSAA members how you came to be interested in helping leaders.

Eurich: My purpose in life is to help leaders become more successful and self-aware, and in so doing, create value for their employees, customers and shareholders. When I was a child, shortly after my parents’ divorce, my mother started the first business in the country that trained and placed nannies in the homes of single parent and dual paycheck families. My mom would often take me to the office with her, where I watched her solve problems, coach employees, and communicate her vision. Even at a young age, what she had accomplished wasn’t lost on me. Not only was she supporting our family, she was supporting the families of the 25 people who worked for her.

Thus began my lifelong leadership obsession, which eventually led me to seek my doctorate in organizational psychology. Over the last 15 years, I’ve studied and applied the scientific principles of human behavior to help leaders and companies succeed. At its most basic level, my work is about helping leaders learn the skills they need to be successful at work (or, as a client of mine recently quipped, “Leadership is my Everest, and you are my Sherpa”). I’ve worked with people at all levels, in most industries, all around the world: from family businesses to the Fortune 100; from salespeople to engineers; from frontline leaders to CEOs.

CSAA: What can CSAA Annual Meeting participants expect from your session, “Bankable Leadership?”

Eurich: We will answer three general questions. First, what are my personal preferences as a leader between people and results? Second, what does that mean for the engagement and performance of my employees, the happiness of my customers and the success of my business? Third, what are a few actionable strategies I can use to accelerate my business goals through my leadership (not just my own, but also through the leaders who report to me)?

CSAA: Can you share a sneak preview of a data point that you use to help leaders evaluate themselves? Or some finding about leadership that you find particularly interesting/illuminating?

 Something rather amusing that I often hear is that “leadership is a soft skill.” To be blunt, that’s just plain wrong and there have been decades of empirical research showing just how wrong it is.

One of my favorite studies looked at over 30,000 leaders and showed that leadership has a direct economic impact on the bottom line. Specifically, the bottom ten percent of leaders had (on average) $1.2 million of net losses in their functional area while the top ten percent showed (on average) $4.5 million in net profit! There is also a direct, causal link between leadership effectiveness and employee and customer satisfaction.

But in spite of this powerful impact, most organizations do precious little to prepare their leaders to lead, and as a result, 50 percent of leaders are ineffective. If executives aren’t closely tracking and growing the leadership effectiveness within organizations, they’re likely suffering more for it than they realize.

CSAA: What is something you have found really surprising in your work with leaders over the last 15 years?

Eurich: Especially over the last five or so years, there’s been a lot of talk about the “great person” view of leadership—that is, that great leaders are born with more charisma, or vision, or skill than others. But psychologists have known for almost 80 years that leadership isn’t about traits—it’s about skills. Why is this distinction important? Because it means that leadership is largely learnable, no matter what your style or personality. In our session, you’ll learn why 96 percent of leaders can dramatically improve their effectiveness (and why the remaining 4 percent can’t).

CSAA: You’ve mentioned that you have an alarm system for a long time. Bet you have an alarm story to share!

Eurich: Some might call my family paranoid, but we prefer the term “security conscious” (or, for CSAA purposes you can think of us as “forever customers”). My family and I have been proud Security Central customers for more than 30 years. And not only have Jordan Jackson and his team kept us safe in by our count more than ten houses, they have treated us as part of their family. Our relationship with Jordan and his team goes far beyond just business—he and the entire company truly care about our safety and well-being. I couldn’t be prouder to be addressing Jordan’s colleagues this fall!

CSAA: Tell us something about yourself that drives or influences the way you do business. 

Eurich: Before I decided on a career in psychology, I was a professional actor and a classically trained singer. As a double theater and psychology major in college, then, I had quite a fork in the road to navigate. Of course, I chose psychology, not just for the inspirational reasons I mentioned earlier in this interview, but also because I wanted to, you know, have health insurance and make a livable wage. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss theater, but there isn’t anything in the world I’d rather be doing than what I’m doing now.

CSAA: What do you hope CSAA members will take away from your presentation?

First and foremost, I want folks to leave with a no nonsense strategy to improve their leadership effectiveness when they get back to work: both to accept their current reality as well as a few new things to try to accelerate the performance of their employees and their business. Just as importantly, I hope that they feel a sense of excitement and inspiration about what it will mean if they do.

Meet Dr. Tasha Eurich, 2016 Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker

CSAA’s 2016 Annual Meeting will feature a keynote address titled “Bankable Leadership Strategy: The Secret Weapon to Accelerating Business Success” presented by Tasha Eurich, PhD.

Keynote speaker Tasha Eurich is an organizational psychologist, speaker and New York Times best-selling author of Bankable Leadership – and a fresh, modern voice in the leadership world. By pairing her scientific grounding in human behavior with a pragmatic approach to business challenges, she has helped thousands of leaders over the last fifteen years. With a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University, Eurich serves on the adjunct faculty of the Center for Creative Leadership, one of the top ten executive development institutions in the world. She’s also the principal of The Eurich Group, an executive development firm that helps companies succeed by improving the effectiveness of their leaders and teams.


(View Eurich’s recent TedxMileHigh Talk at

“In today’s competitive business environment, leadership is as difficult as it is important. Good leaders create economic value–and poor leaders can sink companies. Even though research tells us that effective leaders balance people and results, this complicated balancing act is easier said than done,” says Eurich. “In the quest to create engaged employees and drive business growth, most leaders feel more comfortable doing one than the other, but this imbalance drastically limits their success.” Eurich will deliver an engaging keynote based on her bottom-line research that will help attendees master the balance. Built on decades of research on the transformation of real leaders, her fresh, practical approach can help almost anyone become bankable–delivering bottom-line results, while simultaneously fostering a healthy work environment. At the end of the session, attendees will understand their personal preferences as a leader and what skills they need to sharpen, and leave with a plan to improve immediately.

Find all the details about CSAA’s annual meeting and register today at CSAA Annual Meeting.

CSAA Annual Meeting 2016 Keynote Speaker Dr. Tasha Eurich Will Share Strategies for “Bankable Leadership”

2016 is Second Year of Multi-Year Reimagining of CSAA’s Signature Event;
Adjustments to Traditional Schedule Will Enable Full Participation in Fewer Days

VIENNA, VA (April 25, 2016) – With a sharp focus on technology and on business and performance management, along with the networking opportunities for which the event is famous, the 2016 CSAA Annual Meeting will give participants the kind of value in both content and engagement that is unmatched at any other industry eventMarco-Island-Logo_vert.

The 2016 meeting will be held at the Marriott Resort Marco Island, Marco Island, FL, on October 22-26. Last year’s Annual Meeting in Sonoma, where a revamped education program took center stage, garnered rave reviews from attendees. “CSAA is entering the second phase of the reimaging of its Annual Meeting,” said CSAA President Pamela J. Petrow. “In 2015 a new emphasis was placed on educational programming, and the General Sessions were a hit with attendees. CSAA intends to bolster that emphasis on fresh, meaningful education in 2016. In addition, we are changing the traditional scheduling by reversing the program for Saturday and Sunday. The schedule change will allow attendees who are not on the Board of Directors to shorten their stay at the meeting by one day — and still participate in all educational programming and committee meetings as well as the high-level networking opportunities that the Annual is known for.”

Tasha Eurich low resKeynote speaker Dr. Tasha Eurich is an organizational psychologist, speaker and New York Times best-selling author of Bankable Leadership — and a fresh, modern voice in the leadership world. By pairing her scientific grounding in human behavior with a pragmatic approach to business challenges, she has helped thousands of leaders over the last fifteen years. With a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University, Eurich serves on the adjunct faculty of the Center for Creative Leadership, one of the top ten executive development institutions in the world. She’s also the principal of The Eurich Group, an executive development firm that helps companies succeed by improving the effectiveness of their leaders and teams.

As a passionate, often humorous and always enlightening speaker, Eurich travels the world spreading her message. She contributes to Entrepreneur Magazine, has been featured in outlets like ForbesThe New York TimesCNBCUSA Today, INC., and CNN. She has been named one of Denver Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” as well as a “Top 100 Thought Leader” by Trust Across America, alongside Stephen Covey, Jim Kouzes, and Bill George. In 2015, she was named a “Leader to Watch” by the American Management Association along with notables including Patrick Lencioni, Ram Charan, and Chip Heath.

“We are pleased to feature a ‘next-generation’ speaker at the Annual Meeting,” said Petrow. “CSAA members are always looking toward the future, and Dr. Eurich is sure to provide them with new strategies to stay ahead of today’s leadership challenges.”

Education sessions (October 24-26) at the Annual Meeting will focus on how alarm industry leaders can address critical issues and challenges facing the monitoring industry, including workforce development, executive management, technology updates, and telecomm issues. The complete roster of speakers will be announced over the summer.

To further assist attendees, CSAA is offering a limited number of rooms at the headquarters hotel at rates as low as $185/night.  “2015 saw the largest attendance CSAA has had in recent years, and we are confident our reimaging of the meeting will top last year’s record when we convene this fall in Marco Island,” said Petrow.

To register for the CSAA Annual Meeting, visit The Marriott Resort Marco Island in southwest Florida is on the Gulf of Mexico, just 55 minutes from the Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) or a short drive from Naples, FL. Visit for the special reservations link, or call 1-800-GET-HERE (1-800-438-4373).


 About CSAA International

The Central Station Alarm Association International (CSAA) is an internationally-recognized non-profit trade association that represents professional monitoring companies that are listed by a CSAA-approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, such as FM Approvals, Intertek/ETL or UL. CSAA is legally entitled to represent its members before Congress and regulatory agencies on the local, state and federal levels, and other authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) over the industry. Since its incorporation in 1950, CSAA has served its members’ interests through education, online training, meetings and conventions, certification, insurance, and industry standards. For more information, contact Elizabeth Lasko at CSAA, 703-242-4670 x 16.


Get Ready for Marco Island!

It’s time to mark your calendar and reserve your hotel room for the 2016 CSAA Annual Meeting in Marco Island, FL! The preliminary schedule is now available. The event begins October 22 and ends October 26. (Education sessions will be held October 24-26.)

CSAA leaders and long-time attendees, make special note of some schedule changes this year. The CSAA Board of Directors Meeting will be held on the first morning of the Annual Meeting, Saturday, October 22, with the Board/AHJ dinner that evening. CSAA committees will meet the morning of Sunday, October 23. The opening reception will take place Sunday evening.

View the complete preliminary schedule. 

Last year’s Annual Meeting drew raves from attendees. Check out the video below to hear why they are coming back in 2016!


Our hotel block is now open! Click to reserve online, or call 1-800-GET-HERE (1-800-438-4373) if you wish to book in person with the Marriott Resort Marco Island in-house reservations department.

Program details and registration information will be announced in the coming months. Stay tuned!

CSAA Annual Meeting: “People will really have to ask themselves why they were not there?”

CSAA Annual Meeting Draws Raves from Attendees

First Year of Multi-Year Reimagining of CSAA’s Signature Event a Hit with Members

Security industry professionals explored their leadership styles, received tools and insights for dealing with health insurance trends, crisis communications and cyber security, and discussed technology trends and legal issues last week in Sonoma, CA. The 2015 CSAA International Annual Meeting garnered rave reviews from attendees, who attended at the highest rate since 2008.

Sonoma Rohm Sesson small

CSAA Annual Meeting participants at Dr. Robert Rohm’s interactive leadership session, “Why Can’t You Be Normal…Like Me!” Photo by Brandon Freedman.

The 2015 meeting marked the beginning of a multi-year reimagining of CSAA’s annual event. “We have been delighted with the member feedback on the revamped Annual Meeting,” said CSAA President Pam Petrow, President and CEO of Vector Security. “The responses have been overwhelmingly positive and confirm we are headed in the right direction.”

With the goal that attendees would have an experience that added value to their business, CSAA assembled a roster of expert presenters to share information to help members change and improve their business practices. So strong was the participation throughout the education sessions that the room was still full for the last session on the last day.

“President Petrow and I saw this meeting as a bellwether event for CSAA, where we would present a vision for where we wanted to take the association during her tenure,” said CSAA Executive Director Jay Hauhn. “We created an agenda that was much different from our traditional programs. We eliminated having the same speakers as in previous years, just giving updates on what’s changed in the last 12 months. We threw away the old agendas, and started from scratch with a laser focus on evolving member needs. Judging from our members’ participation and feedback, we succeeded in presenting a program that will have a real and meaningful impact on their businesses.”

“I thought every session held was relevant, to business and specifically our industry,” said CSAA member Howard Sanders, VP of Operations, Kings III. “I look forward to coming back next year!”

“The CSAA Annual Meeting was a great event,” said first-time attendee Justin Bailey, COO, AvantGuard Monitoring Centers. “I’ve learned a lot from the courses and from rubbing shoulders with some of the leaders of the industry. I’m planning on returning for 2016, and I look forward to what I can learn there and the connections I can make. “

The conference included plenty of networking opportunities for members, both onsite at formal and informal gatherings, and offsite at special events that took advantage of the setting in Sonoma wine country. This format allowed members to get acquainted and for associate and consultant members to engage with CSAA’s North American and international alarm company members. “[This was] actually one of the best and most relevant Annual Meetings I’ve been to,” said Chuck Speck, president of Bold Technologies. “As an associate member, it’s really encouraging to see the focal changes on the association becoming more geared toward growth, content and development. There’s a tremendous amount of value there, and I hope that message gains traction throughout the industry.”

Sonoma Beary Cunningham small

Richard Beary, president, International Association of Chiefs of Police, and Terrence Cunningham, first vice president, IACP, participate in the AHJs luncheon with CSAA members. Photo by Brandon Freedman.

A unique aspect of the CSAA Annual Meeting is the presence of Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) representatives. The 2015 event included the largest representation of AHJs in several years, including Chiefs of Police, Fire Chiefs, and Sheriffs. These groups were allotted time to meet separately by themselves and with the CSAA members, so that they could engage with each other and then bring their own unique challenges to the attention of the alarm industry.

“My expectations were exceeded tremendously at our CSAA annual meeting,” said Ralph Sevinor, president of Wayne Alarm Systems. “This was the first time we had our general manager, Jeff Kahn, attend, and he told me that he felt so motivated and confident after the event, and that he could not recall at any other industry event such an open dialogue at such a high level.”

“This CSAA annual meeting was an amazing experience,” Sevinor added. “People will really have to ask themselves why they were not there?”      

At the event, CSAA announced that the 2016 Annual Meeting will be held at the Marco Island (FL) Marriott Beach Resort, October 22-27.  “We will continue to build on 2015’s success for the 2016 Annual Meeting and welcome comments related to content and format,” said President Petrow.

CSAA President Pam Petrow, Keynote Speaker Stan Stahl, Ph.D., and CSAA Executive Director Jay Hauhn. Photo by Brandon Freedman.

CSAA President Pam Petrow, Keynote Speaker Stan Stahl, Ph.D., and CSAA Executive Director Jay Hauhn. Photo by Brandon Freedman.

The 2015 CSAA Annual Meeting program included:

  • Meeting the Information Security Management Challenge: The Financial Implications of Cybercrime on the Alarm Monitoring Industry — Stan Stahl, Ph.D.
  • Protect Your Reputation: Crisis Management in the Cyber Age — David Margulies, Margulies Communications
  • “Why Can’t You Be Normal…Like Me!” — Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D., Personality Insights
  • This is Going to Pinch! National Market Trends in Health Care and How They Will Affect Your Bottom Line: A Panel Presentation by National Experts Representing Health Insurance Carriers and Brokers
  • Business Impact of Technology and Innovation Speaker: Jay Hauhn, Executive Director, CSAA
  • Legal Concerns in a Tech-Crazy World Speaker: Charles C. Eblen, Esquire, Partner, Shook, Hardy & Bacon, L.L.P.
  • The Communications Landscape Speaker: Syed Zaeem “Z” Hosain, Founder, SVP Engineering and CTO, Aeris Communications, Inc.
  • Innovation in a Services Based Economy–It’s Not Your Father’s Monitoring Business Anymore! — Steven Van Till, President and COO, Brivo Systems, Steve Trundle, CEO,


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