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A Practical Guide to Central Station Burglar Alarm Systems — Updated for 2018

A Practical Guide to Central Station Burglar Alarm Systems 5th Edition JANUARY 2018 coverThe fifth edition of “A Practical Guide to Central Station Burglar Alarm Systems” is now available!

This updated edition of TMA’s best-selling burglar alarm guide is designed for insurance agents, underwriters and loss-prevention specialists and is also an invaluable resource for monitoring center managers and designers.

This revised version of the definitive guide for burglar alarm systems contains the following information, updated for 2018:

  • Burglar Alarm Systems
    Types of Burglar Alarm Systems
    Components of a Central Station Burglar Alarm System
  • The Burglar Alarm Certificate Service of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
    UL Listings for Central Station Alarm Companies
    UL Certificate Verification Service (ULCVS)
    UL Procedures for Issuing Alarm Certificates
  • Protection for Commercial Risks
    Physical Security
    Safe and Vault Protection
    Central Station Burglar Alarm Service
    Central Station Burglar Alarm Certificate Service
  • Selecting a Central Station Burglar Alarm System
    Risk Analysis
    Loss Potential
    Loss Probability
    Determining Protection Level
    Levels of Protection
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Technical Descriptions of Alarm Systems
    Detection Devices
    Alarm Signaling Systems
    Line Supervision
    Line Security
  • Technical Descriptions of Safes and Vaults
    Burglary — Resistant Safes
    Burglary — Resistant Vaults

Order your print copy here. Cost: $62.50. TMA members receive a 20% discount. 

TMA thanks Stanley Oppenheim, president of DGA Security Systems, for his efforts to produce the 5th edition of this important publication.