TMA Member Steve Van Till of Brivo Receives Hauhn Award at SIA Honors Night

​​On November 15, the Security Industry Association (SIA) presented the Jay Hauhn Excellence in Partnerships Award to Brivo CEO Steve Van Till at SIA Honors Night at The Current at Chelsea Piers in New York City.

The Jay Hauhn Excellence in Partnerships Award is given each year to a SIA member who has shown commitment and fostered collaboration between the association and the security industry as well as has advocated for advancements in the industry.

The Monitoring Association Executive Director Hauhn was on hand to present the award to Van Till, whose company, Brivo, is a member of TMA.

Hauhn Van Till SIA Honors Hauhn Award

Steve Van Till (left) and Jay Hauhn at SIA Honors Night, November 15

As SIA Standards Committee Chair, Van Till was instrumental in identifying and bringing Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) to SIA. He has served as an effective SIA volunteer liaison to other stakeholders within the security industry, including integrators and security practitioners. Van Till has ensured that SIA Standards remain in step with the evolving technology demands of the industry and has focused on real business requirements through actionable projects, bringing a new level of commitment to the industry.

Van Till has been a key liaison for SIA to the International Security Management Association (ISMA), which represents the senior security executive practitioners from Fortune 500 companies.  On multiple occasions he has shared his expertise on the  technology trends , and he was a key contributor to the SIA Technology Forecast prepared exclusively for ISMA members. Van Till has presented at SIA’s signature executive event, Securing New Ground, in addition to ISC West and ISC East and has provided context to the 2016 release of the SIA Megatrends report, which was well received by members and end users.

“I’m always eager to to promote interoperability and to forge connections because I love my job and I love the security industry. Receiving the Hauhn Award for doing what I love is a true honor,” said Van Till. “Standards are only effective if everyone adopts them consistently, and I look forward to continuing to press the case for sensible solutions to real-world problems. Thanks to the Security Industry Association and my peers for continuing to give me a platform to do so.”

“When I think of effective communicators among security industry leaders, one of the first people I think of is Steve Van Till,” said SIA CEO Don Erickson. “His boundless energy and enthusiasm, coupled with a deep expertise in the security industry and more specifically access control has served the industry well as he has forged partnerships around the world. The Security Industry Association looks forward to benefiting from his wisdom for many years to come.”

Steve Van Till is president and CEO of Brivo, a SaaS company offering physical access control, video surveillance, and mobile credentials for commercial buildings. Van Till was a pioneer in bringing cloud technology, starting with his vision and delivery of cloud access control in 2002. Van Till has served on the SIA Board of Directors since 2008, and has been the Chairman of SIA Standards Committee since 2011, focusing on security technology issues. Prior to Brivo, Steve was Director of Internet Consulting at Sapient, a software development and interactive firm, where he led strategy and technology engagements for Fortune 500 deployments. Van Till is the inventor of numerous patents in the field of physical security and the author of the “Five Technological Forces Disrupting Security,” which is likely why he was named as “the top 25 most influential people in the security industry” by Security Magazine.

The Jay Hauhn Excellence in Partnerships Award is named in honor of Jay Hauhn. As previous SIA Chairman of the Board, Hauhn demonstrated a steadfast commitment to fostering collaboration among industry trade associations and advancing the interests of their collective memberships and the entire security industry.

The Hauhn Award is presented each year to an individual with a SIA member company who has taken specific action(s) to foster collaboration between SIA and industry/practitioner organizations consistent with SIA’s overall strategic priorities. The award will recognize individual contributions to increasing SIA member value through partnerships. These actions could include activities that lead to the pursuit of common public policy priorities, active involvement in the development of SIA Standards proposals, leveraging SIA Education expertise at partner organization education conferences and jointly-branded online education, and SIA membership growth.


Five Questions for Brivo’s Steve Van Till

CSAA welcomed Brivo, Inc. as a new associate member earlier this year. Read on to learn a little about the company and CEO Steve Van Till.

What is your company’s mission and how does it intersect with the alarm industry?

Steve Van Till

Brivo CEO Steve Van Till

Our mission is to provide the best cloud-based hosted access control in the world. For the alarm industry, this means an opportunity for an RMR-based business model that is completely parallel to the way monitoring services have been delivered for many years.Both the technology and the financial model strengthen the relationship between central stations and their dealers and end users.

Share a personal experience you’ve had with alarm monitoring or public safety.
I was once working in a high-rise building on the weekend, and became trapped in an elevator when I was leaving to head out for lunch.  Had it not been for the emergency phone that dialed into a central station, I might have been stuck there all weekend.  As it turned out, they were able to dispatch someone to let me out, and fix the elevator so that it didn’t happen to anyone else.

Why did you join CSAA — what are your goals for your membership?
We joined CSAA because we see an increasing convergence between alarm, access and video surveillance services. Customers really want to have all three in a single package, from a single provider. As a cloud service provider, we also see many commonalities of interest between central stations and the work we do. We have many valuable “cloud lessons” to share, and look forward to more and more alarm services migrating to this type of platform.

What makes your company special?
Our company has always been known as the first Software-as-a-Service company in the physical security space. We actually launched our cloud-based access control services in 2001, which was long before anyone was talking about “the cloud.” We achieved another “first” in 2009 when we added fully integrated cloud-based video to this same offering.  Just this past year, we launched Brivo Mobile Pass, a cloud-based mobile credential that works with no change-out to existing field hardware, and was therefore immediately available to all 8,000,000 credentialed users in the Brivo system.

Tell us something about yourself that drives the way you do business.
I’ve always had a lot of outside interests, from running and cycling and music to photography and reading and motorcycles. I’m avid about acquiring new skills, and I learned something different from each one of these activities. The biggest thing, though, is getting to know and interact with the fairly different kinds of people that tend to surround each of these areas. The perspectives I’ve gained from that are useful every single day in thinking about how to shape our corporate culture for the best.

Steve Van Till is the Founder, President and CEO of Brivo Inc., the leading worldwide provider of cloud-based access control and Software-as-a-Service solutions for physical security. He has previously served in a variety of senior management roles in high technology companies spanning Web development, healthcare, and satellite communications. A Board Member of the Security Industry Association (SIA), he also currently serves as Chairman of the SIA Standards Committee. He is a frequent author and speaker, as well as the inventor of numerous patents.   Steve has been honored by Security Magazine as one of “The Top 25 Most Influential People in the Security Industry.

— Elizabeth Lasko, May 2, 2016