Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC)

The Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC), a committee of The Monitoring Association (TMA), is composed of representatives of TMA, the Electronic Security Association (ESA), the Security Industry Association (SIA) and major alarm companies and manufacturers.

The Committee meets quarterly (March, June, September, December). Meeting venues vary from meeting to meeting, but each one has a virtual attendance option for members and guests.

AICC is co-chaired by:

Tiffany Galarza, ADT
Sascha Kylau, OneTel


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Goals and Activities

  • Provides coordination in a variety of areas between the alarm industry and the FCCother regulatory agencies, and members of Congress, when needed.
  • Monitors developments at the federal level affecting the ability of the alarm industry to use telecommunications technology in providing protection services to the public.
  • Retains an attorney in Washington, D.C. to represent the industry on wireline and wireless issues and to file briefs with the federal courts on behalf of the industry.
  • Retains a lobbyist who works with members of Congress to attain legislation favorable to the alarm industry.

The AICC-PAC aims to involve association members in the legislative process on all issues concerning the alarm industry. This includes identifying legislators favorable to its interests or who need more information about it. The AICC-PAC coordinates fund-raising and distribution activities to increase support of its legislative interests.

Frequency Coordination

Louis Fiore is acting as TMA Frequency Coordinator. He is able to coordinate 450 MHz Business Band frequencies for alarm companies that are listed or not listed.

Contact information:
Telephone: (973) 726-8300