The need for speed

When it comes to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in the alarm monitoring business, the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to an incident is paramount. Being able to offer reduced  response time can mean the difference between keeping a customer or losing one. Your customers want the quickest possible response to alarms, transparency throughout the response process, and real-time reporting of the investigation. RSPNDR offers you all three.

Action starts on click one

Our one-click proprietary dispatch software provides an immediate response from our network of licensed guard companies, and the entire response process is tracked, online, and in real time. Your customers are happy, and your business is operating at peak efficiency.

Driving efficiency for you and your customers

RSPNDR offers you and your customers a significant advantage over traditional dispatch services which rely on a series of manual processes. With RSPNDR, once an alarm is triggered, your operators can dispatch using automated software with just one click of a button. RSPNDR has a network of licensed and trained guards who are immediately notified through the RSPNR app, so the guard closest to the alarm’s source can accept the order in seconds. Plus, you can say goodbye to waiting for paper reports. You and your customers will have access to the entire response process tracked online and available in real time through our online portal. Incident reports and photos are also filed online via our mobile app as soon as the guard clears the premises. Plus, RSPNDR will source, screen, contract and pay the guards directly, freeing up your admin time and overhead.

To sum it up

The RSPNDR platform and proprietary technology automates key processes in your business that eliminate time-consuming and inefficient manual work while providing increased operational efficiency and reduced response times..

With more immediate response time, digital reports and the elimination of time-consuming and frustrating reconciliation of guards and payments, RSPNDR will take your business to the next level in customer satisfaction, speed and operational efficiency.

Submitted by: 
Frank J. Pietrobono
SVP of Sales and Business Development, RSPNDR | (416) 587-8714